Sink the Bismarck!

Sink the Bismarck!

Loosely based on a true series of World War II events. This movie chronicles the breakout of the German battleship Bismarck accompanied by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen during the early days of World War II. The Bismarck and her sister ship, Tirpitz, were the most powerful battleships in the European theater of World War II. The British Navy must find and destroy Bismarck before it can escape into the convoy lanes to inflict severe damage on the cargo shipping which was the lifeblood of the British Isles. With eight 15 inch guns, It was capable of destroying every ship in a convoy while remaining beyond the range of all Royal Navy warships. The movie presents the point of view of the commanders and combatants of the naval forces, mostly ships, on both sides as well as a perspective on the role of the British Admiralty in London which is the central command and control headquarters for the Royal Navy.

The World War II story of the British Navy's effort to defeat Nazi Germany's most powerful warship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen B (it) wrote: Highly entertaining British crime caper with a gritty edge. Luke Treadaway looks a star in the making.

Rakesh D (kr) wrote: A Must Watch .. Pawan Kalyan at his best again...

James C (ru) wrote: When a group of troubled teens and their chaparone take refuge in a creepy trailer park after their bus crashes on route to camp, they come to realise that the inhabitants are not what they seem.This movie is full of good ideas - I mean who wouldn't like the idea of wise-cracking trailer park trash zombies torturing worthless students in a tribute to the classic gore movies of HG Lewis. The trouble is that it just takes too long to get going and then it just doesn't go anywhere. The first half drags as it sets up the very loose storyline which could have been done a lot quicker. The second half heats up but it ends all too quickly with a very unrewarding and annoyingly incomplete finale. The kids are all incredibly bulk standard and the viewer really won't care whether they live or die and the monsters are given too depth without really going anywhere. The gore and make-up effects are all excellent, but because it takes so long to get to them interest had already been lost. As stated earlier, this movie is full of good ideas and is competently handled, but needs to be reworked to turn it into the decent little black horror comedy it could so easily be.

Tatankas P (jp) wrote: Holy cow. We're three episodes in, and it is sooooo SLOW. You finish people's sentences for them, because they are predictable and melodramatically delayed in delivery. Most of the actors are just reading a script. Adam Beach? Wow. You can give him crap and he still reads it with authenticity. But c'mon. Robert Redford co-produced this? What the hell, Bob. Geez. Well, at least I find that its slow pace leaves me with PLENTY of time to kill time criticizing the lazy videography, death-on-a-stick script, and walk-through-your-part acting. I have long yawns' worth of time to carefully write my criticisms in my head, revise them, let them sit a bit, reflect on them, and then post them on the Web. It's almost like they filmed early rehearsals and then let the actors take the rest of the week off. So far... very disappointing. And no skin walkers yet.

Cecilia L (it) wrote: it's an interesting film with a plot that unfolds slowly and it takes great patience to have a true understanding of the movie. some of the scenes are too artsy or exaggerated though.

MEC r (gb) wrote: An ok movie at the time...

Jack G (mx) wrote: A sensual, textbook example of what could be done with film-noir, hampered by some second-guessing with Grahame's performance (which isn't bad but at times seems like it could be until it's revealed what she's doing with the part), and an ending that feels abrupt. Otherwise a fine 2nd adaptation of Emile Zola's La Bete Humaine, formerly adapted by Jean Renoir in a superior film but in a different style.

Ben F (ag) wrote: Probably the most boring movie in the word. No plot at all and just bumps along

Carfax A (de) wrote: I have always wondered how a film reaches cult status, especially bad ones. Take Sleep Away Camp for instance. How did this film grow a small but dedicated audience? It really doesn't have that much going for it. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not the worst of the 80's slashers films but definitely not the best. It probably sits below average on the list as a C or C- and in my book that doesn't qualify it for cult status.It suffers from horrible acting like a good 85% of these slasher films from the 80's do but not all the way around. It has a very cheap TV movie of the week feel to it and none of the characters are really that interesting to watch. The other problem, and Iv always considered this a major one, is the lack of gore and blood. I mean it is a rated R slasher film so one expects to see some cool murders and gore but not this film which may be another reason it has that TV movie feel to it. The one thing that saves this from a total failure is the girl that plays Angela. She pretty creepy with her eerie stares and lack of speech but it isn't enough to carry the whole film. I will say the ending is cool. It's pretty scary when the reveal comes, but again, not enough there to carry the entire film or at least to propel this into cult history. Maybe people like the cheesiness of the film, which it does have, but It doesn't have it in spades. The mother/aunt in the beginning is pretty much the worst cheese factor and not really in the fun way. The lady tries way to hard to be quirky and bizarre in her personality and speech. It's forced and not natural therefor giving the audience a "wtf was that" feel to her scenes and not the comedic touch the producers were trying for. Another cheese factor that actually does come off great is the most incredible ridiculous 80's fashion of the times. Girls wearing their shorts up to their boobs while guys are wearing cut off tees with hilarious short shorts with tube socks. The best is the main counselor. Muscle bound with skimpy shorts and tees throughout the whole film. Every time you see him you feel like he is going to break out into some Broadway musical number while flexing his muscles. There does seem to be a lot of homosexual references in the film, including the flashback scene where we see Angela's father sleeping with another man. Not sure why all of that was incorporated other then the director might be gay. In the end Sleepaway Camp just doesn't hit the cult bar for me and a mystery as to why it would for anyone. It does fit into the whole slasher films of the 80's if you were doing a marathon but if the film suddenly got pulled and could never be viewed again, no big loss.

Brad S (us) wrote: A strong performance from James Cromwell in a subtle film that tells a simple story about aging and the difficulties of losing control over ones life.