Sinners and Saints

Sinners and Saints

Father Charmichael Drake is tormented by his clairvoyant dreams, which in turn drive him to fight crime and the forces of evil. The demon slaying priest and Sister Jordan Merrick (a ...

Father Charmichael Drake is tormented by his clairvoyant dreams, which in turn drive him to fight crime and the forces of evil. The demon slaying priest and Sister Jordan Merrick (a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (es) wrote: One line summary: Lesbian relationship with a psychotic liar has bad consequences.----------------------------------- Parties, booze, back biting bad behaviour set at a school with a law program. Sara (from the lower class) is on scholarship and works more than one job. She and Eric like one another. Brooke wants Eric to herself. Alex (from old money) is a lesbian Cassanova who wants Sara because she's straight and because she thinks Sara is vulnerable. Brooke (another privileged young woman) gets Sara fired from her job, which gets her scholarship revoked, and gets her kicked out of housing. Alex's step mom (real mom died in swimming pool) is five years older than Alex, and quite nasty to Alex (like don't visit home without calling first). The heat comes from Alex's father, though. So, Brooke and Nina are the obvious targets. Sarah despises Brooke, and Alex despises Nina. So, Sara and Alex discuss this, but not really at any length. Alex kills Brooke and frames Sara, then kills her father and frames Sara. Nice. Were there important missing pieces that Sara needs to know about? Will Sara be able to extricate herself from the murder charges? Will everything we think we know be thrown out in the last three minutes?--------Scores--------Cinematography: 8/10 Mostly fine; camera a bit wobbly now and then.Sound: 8/10 OK.Acting: 2/10 The only good acting I saw in this film came from Sam Anderson and John Stockwell; both performances were short. The other performances were between sub-par and bad. The relationship between Alex and Sara was not believable. Shawn Ashmore does better with a stronger director.Screenplay: 4/10 Derivative and boring. For a bright person trained in the law, Sara navigates her situation very poorly. The exposition of motivation was not all that good, and the poor acting did not help. The turnaround in the plot at the end was a fairly nice touch in terms of plot, but was also yet another full-scale affirmation of corruption. There were so many in this film.

Joe M (ru) wrote: Interesting riff on the virus/plague/infection horror genre with a strong cast and some good moments of suspense. But, a little too cerebral and smug at times, as well as feeling longer than it actually is.

Artur C (ag) wrote: I really like some of this direct-to-DVD Disney flicks. This one is the perfect example of why so many people do hate this movies...

Wayne M (us) wrote: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ahha ha ahha hhaaaaaa!!! psml what a load of shit!!!

Simon D (es) wrote: A low budget story about a transsexual German singer, a lighthearted look at his/her childhood of sexual abuse and his/her struggles with the angry inch, which refers not only to the backing band but also to the leftovers of a rather unsuccessful sex change operation. This is a black comedy which some people will enjoy. The boundaries are pushed a little in a sort of Todd Solondz direction but ultimately this film was padded out by lots of songs which failed to be very funny really.

Luke B (gb) wrote: "Kill him! He's the one!" "Not me you idiot, him!" "No!!!"

Lisa M (de) wrote: This was a great thriller! Great acting all around!!

Carreh R (es) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid and loved it. I wanted to see it again and finally found it on DVD at an affordable price. I can see why I liked it and why it made Simone Signoret one of my favourite actresses from a very early age. She is great in this. I highly recommend this film. It keeps throwing unexpected twists at you.

Isadore H (mx) wrote: I went into this one with high hopes, a film with Daniel Craig, directed by Mathew Vaughn, it was a formula for great stuff. Later Cake was alright, but I was expecting a little more than what I got. The plot is at times hard to follow, but still entertaining. The performances were all pretty good except for The Duke character, and not enough to Tom Hardy was in this. Everything was solid here, it just failed to deliver that special something that should've made this excellent, and I don't know what it is, maybe it was because I didn't care for the characters as much as I wanted to. Nevertheless, Layer Cake is still a pretty good movie and the clever twist where you never here Craig's characters name is pretty cool.

Waleed A (br) wrote: Decent movie with an interesting story but very long and sometimes boring. It had trouble keeping my interest at times. And I also found the nonlinear storytelling very unnecessary and it didn't add anything to the movie. Completely dialogue-based, which is not normally my thing even though a lot of the dialogue was very good. Some very memorable moments. all star cast with some great performances (2 viewings)

Labelle U (nl) wrote: best movie ever and very inspirational .