Sinterklaas en het raadsel van 5 december

Sinterklaas en het raadsel van 5 december

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Sinterklaas en het raadsel van 5 december torrent reviews

Sidharth S (es) wrote: A raw movie about the truth of slavery in the 1800s and its brutalities. Ejiofor's stunning performance as Solomon Northup and Nyongo's performance as Patsey itself are great reasons to watch this masterpiece from Steve McQueen.

Ray S (ru) wrote: Braindead plot, but the novelty of a movie being set in the Congo makes it almost worthwhile. Almost.

Chase A (es) wrote: YESSSSSSS!!!! Finally a movie I can look back on and say "boy that sucked, but I loved every second! With terrible effects and acting this ridiculous movie made me laugh more than the new comedy movies of 2013. See it don't hesitate.

Bill B (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this film on a light, breezy watch kind of level, as it follows a widely varied ensemble cast through their day, building to different connections between the at first seemingly disparate group of strangers. The only quibble I might have (from a sheerly sexist viewpoint) could be that the porn actresses never really show any skin, but perhaps I'm just being piggish about that. But y'know, realism, dammit!Worth a rental if you're looking for something light.

Benton M (br) wrote: I will admit I could only take about 20 minutes of this. I would learn the same stuff about Liverpool with my libraries archives, which is exactly where I think my boy Terence went to get his info for this movie. On the flip side, this movie is short, so maybe some day when I need something to fall asleep to, I'll dig up this classically dull movie.Sorry, but I can't recommend subjecting yourself to this film unless you either love Liverpool, love history, or love wasting time.

Terje B (gb) wrote: The french philosopher Ambroise-Paul-Toussaint-Jules Val?ry once said "An artist never really finishes his work, he merely abandons it". This raises an interesting question. Did the 'artist' behind Bodyguard:ANB abandon it too early, or way too late?

Linus M (mx) wrote: gruesome stuff. not a required viewing

Charli H (ca) wrote: Tragic excuse of a film

Michael T (ru) wrote: slow chinese flick, very depressingly beautiful

Daniel Y (it) wrote: haha! dance class... good times... the hair stying in "the zoo" was hillarious

Tommy R (nl) wrote: Spoof of classic soap operas centering around interns on the midnight watch on New Years eve.

M P (fr) wrote: This makes no sense at all. Not even a little. God only knows what they were trying to do. Too bad the sequel never took off.

Rick Q (us) wrote: even though 'holiday" was entirely prdictable, the humor and chemistry between cary grant and the alwayts charming katharine hepburn really make it work.

OrunLeon (nl) wrote: The film shows little respect to its audience. It serves up obvious twists and plot difficulties alongside dialogue so in-your-face that it leaves nothing to ponder about afterwards. John Turturro's performance was dull and monotonous, and unfortunately not redeemed by Maria Bello's above average acting. The score stood out to be the best part of the movie but again, unfortunately ruined by the swift cuts to cheap jumpscare imagery. For a "psychological thriller", it failed to create any suspense or tension in me.