Sir Henry at Rawlinson End

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End is a 1980 British film based on the eponymous character created by Vivian Stanshall. It starred Trevor Howard as Sir Henry and Stanshall himself as Henry's brother Hubert. Unusually, the film was released in sepia toned monochrome. As complex as the mind of its creator, Vivian Stanshall, the plot of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End revolves around attempts to exorcise the ghost of Humbert, the brother of Sir Henry (Trevor Howard). Humbert was accidentally killed in a drunken duck-shooting incident whilst escaping from an illicit tryst. Amongst the eccentric family members, mad friends and grudgingly loyal servants involved are the eternally knitting Aunt Florrie, the tapeworm obsessed Mrs. E, Lady Phillipa of Staines (Liz Smith), who enjoys the odd 'small' sherry and the ever-present Old Scrotum, Sir Henry's wrinkled retainer.

The very eccentric English peer Sir Henry Rawlinson attempts, with the help of his mad family & servants, to exorcise the ghost of his brother Humbert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hieu N (es) wrote: I wanted to like it but I just couldn't. The stories were random and not much remained. Isabelle Huppert was good but then so what.

RajanSatish P (es) wrote: Creepy and Works good on it's moments ..the climax will remind you of 'Sixth Sense' and 'The Others'

Jenn T (kr) wrote: Not horrible for a horror flick. Well filmed and acted. Good music.

Joseph C (es) wrote: HORRIBLE!!! So horrible I laughed hearing the baby shark sing the oompa loompa song! Would never take my time to sit through such a horrible movie!

M C (kr) wrote: It could've settled for okay entertainment, but the plot is just a little too nonsensical to be forgiven easily. 39/100

Christian H (ru) wrote: Not bad, but not too funny or entertaining either. Performance of Michael J Fox keeps it going though. Watch the TV show instead.

mike h (ru) wrote: Classic 80s, one the great 80s films. In all seriousness I should be that guy in that film killing all you stupid fucking critics for ruining peoples tastes with your stupid ass reviews. How do you not like a film like this, are you all communists and nazis, you are just like in the movie. Gotcha didn't get you, because you don't get it and never will, but i will get you, thats right, so watch out

Luc L (br) wrote: Memorable and highly entertaining.

Dave R (es) wrote: Well it was good alittle slow throw some parts but it was worth a watch anyway

Connor R (fr) wrote: James Stewart carries this film all the way, making it something more than pure drab.

Richard D (ca) wrote: Here's a movie that could have failed ... very easily. It's partly a cop action film, but those elements of the plot are really bland, by-the-numbers stuff involving drug smuggling, warehouses, bearer bonds ... all stuff that shows up a million times in the 80s in bland, genre fare. It's also a comedy, but quite a lot of the scripted comedy is only okay. If this film had been made with someone like Jim Belushi, it would have been utterly forgettable. It's often said that you can't save mediocre material by putting the right people in it, but I submit this as a counter-example. Murphy at his peak with this great supporting cast, a great director, and Simpson/Bruckheimer's big-money professional gloss turns this into a really great film.

Georgina S (us) wrote: Fell asleep half way through x didn't grab my attention at all x bit samey x

(au) wrote: stupid and unfunny. Terrible movie!