It's a drama about firefighters in Korea. two characters with opposing personalities argue while they act like heroes and fight over women.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

Joon-woo is a passionate fireman who always pursues danger. Hyun believes rational judgement is the only way to save people in danger. The first day at their work place, Joon-woo jumps into the fire to save stranded people in the building in spite of an evacuation order and Hyun tries to stop him. They came to fight. Meanwhile, Ye-rin loves Joon-woo more than he loves himself... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith L (ag) wrote: Beautifully shot and heartbreaking.

William R (mx) wrote: A weird movie for me as i have seen these types of films before. i didn't hate it nor did i like it. what it bores down for me in the end is it leaves me asking myself why the hell did i watch it. But the idea of Robert De Niro having a erection joke with Ben Stiller just makes me want to say FOCK YOU!

Nora B (br) wrote: Sounds interesting....

Anuj S (es) wrote: The best movie I've ever seen in my life The king of Bollywood came to power with this classic movie

Frances H (ag) wrote: Although this movie had some interesting new twists(i It made sense that anyone taking over the human race would start first with the military), I still like the 1950s version best, particularly because it was the only one with the idea that love was so important and because I liked the ending the best.

Mark S (br) wrote: This has moments of brilliance but it also has moments of indulgence. There is far too much singing in the film; I know the tagline is "In memory, everything happens to music"; Terence Davies may love the various songs; and he may remember them vividly from his own childhood, but I think their overuse in a way distracts from the rest of the film itself. I think people do recall music with memories, but I'm not sure they picture the past with themselves and all around them singing CONSTANTLY. Some of the visuals and a lot of the dialogue was great, but within seconds of a memorable shot a character seemed to be spoiling the mood by singing again.

Jeff H (ca) wrote: Gorgeous film. Dark and very moving.

Chris W (br) wrote: Pasolini's Porcile is half-great, half-terrible, and perhaps the latter could be blamed on Waterbearer Films' atrocious DVD release with one of the worst transfers I've come across. The great is the story involving the cannibal in the past who doom is to be consumed by wild boars. The expansive cinematography, the lack of any dialogue until the end, it often feels real as if it were filmed hundreds of years ago was such technology around. The terrible is the story set in modern times involving Nazis, one of whom has a son played by Jean-Pierre Leaud who literally does nothing. Poor writing, even poorer acting, the modern segments are just too grating to take anything away from unless you find amusement in a bunch of middle-aged men constantly repeating German last names.

Wesley W (de) wrote: Lol, there is not one good joke in this entire movie. Films like this probably decreases the IQ of children that watch it, and as long as children keep watching these kind of films, they will never grow up knowing what GOOD movies are. One of the worst movies ever and a pointless remake that accomplishes nothing in cinema history.

Paul D (br) wrote: This started out fairly promising, but it progressively got worse as it went on. I do think that Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis are funny together, but this movie failed to capitalize on their potential. It tries to be thought provoking, but forgot to keep the story interesting.

Jem S (ru) wrote: An unusual film, but the structure of the films works very well, occasionally breaking off into "the story of" such and such. The story is original, dark, disturbing, humorous, chaotic, nightmarish, and fun. The soundtrack is pretty good, with some nice indie rock bands playing, and the acting is good. A little bit too weird, but still a good movie.

Augustine H (fr) wrote: "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?" That punk is really hateful! A pleasure to see Clint finishes him off!

(it) wrote: Dermot Mulroney has not aged well and playing dads is seriously not his thing. LOL. As for Max Thieriot, bad choice of parts to play... I can't believe how much this movie sucks. I can only say one thing. Black... cheeks... LOL.