Siren of Atlantis

Siren of Atlantis

Two Foreign Legion soldiers, Jean (Dennis O'Keefe) and Andre (Jean Pierre Aumont), accidentally discover the famed lost continent of Atlantis. Bewitched by the sultry, beauty of the Queen of Atlantis (Maria Montez) the two men vie for her affections; little realising that her previous lovers have been embalmed into statues that line the passages of her kingdom.

A pair of explorers stumble across a lost city of the jungle ruled by a mysterious queen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan N (de) wrote: Not only does this film make no @#$%ing sense, it fails at mindless entertainment as well. And by "mindless entertainment," I mean, of course, lots of gratuitous sex and violence.

gnes M (kr) wrote: Two Lovers is a disturbing tale of needy people desperately seeking love, who instead of finding it, end up miserable in the process and finally crawl back to continue their old habits and lies, pretending to be happy. Michelle engages in an impossible love affair with false promises, Leonard cowardly decides to do "what is best for everyone", and Sandra chooses to believe the fake tale of love served by Leonard.

James H (ru) wrote: So-so thriller with a few good twists but the plot does have some holes in it and it has an ordinary aura to it. Nothing great, but it is reasonably watchable. Far fetched. Decent performances.

Dale O (au) wrote: This movie was confusing and frustrating. Some scenes were too long and possibly 'overdone'. My friends thought some of the scenes were a bit 'sick', which I agree with. The movie left me feeling clueless and empty. All in all, a poor movie.

solidity q (us) wrote: I didn't know know that Bobby Darin sang Splish Splash, a song I was taught in elementary school music class. That part held some significance for me. The movie was well made and the singing was superb. Seeing the full gamut of Bobby Darin's life was interesting also.

Greg R (gb) wrote: Despite it's many flaws, cliches and strange little turns, I'm actually glad I saw this movie. It's somewhat a guilty pleasure.

Eoghan M (kr) wrote: Very Sundance, but a lovely story... can't say more, it's a matter of opinion how the topic of the movie moves you.

Kushal O (br) wrote: brilliant! sanjay dutt roxxxxxxxxx

W W (ru) wrote: A little easier to follow if you already know the history of Factory Records and the '80s Manchester music scene.

Ian R (kr) wrote: For a talking horse movie starring Bobcat Goldthwait, this could have been worse. But not by much. I can remember thinking this was lame when I was 8, but I bet if I'd seen it at 6 I would've loved it! There were a couple of risque jokes and a few chuckles, but most of it was just unfunny.

Larry W (gb) wrote: The most appropriate word would be "unfortunate." I give it a star only because West does manage to get in a couple of her classic one-liners, but really, I can think of no good reason for anyone to ever watch this movie. West fans it will depress. Camp fans it will disappoint. Anyone else, it will baffle.

Vitaliy S (de) wrote: Probably the best one of high school reunion after some years passed by... Good plan to bring beloved ones on a party to get to know each other better learning who you were back at high school...

EpicLadySponge t (it) wrote: It's time they have to stop making these kinds of movies but leave Scrat behind because Scrat deserves all the attention than the rest of the movie.

Johannes J (au) wrote: Gagin: "I'm nobody's friend. The man with no place."

Christopher S (br) wrote: Ok so it's a guilty pleasure movie for me because it stars Robert Forster and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson and rips off the vastly superior "Death Wish". However the true star of this movie is a gritty and gloom late 1970's New York City. It's a NYC that is long gone and only lives in people's memories....and urban films from this era. Seeing it alive on Blu-Ray alone makes "Vigilante" worth the price of admission. But seeing Robert Forster's ass in a prison shower scene pushes it over the top!