Siromashko lyato

Siromashko lyato

The day that the financial clerk Metodi Rashkov is getting retired comes. He is a shy and quiet man and he accepts all tasks given to him by his son and daughter in law without argument. ...

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Richard S (de) wrote: What I was hoping for was something up to the standard of Crouching Tiger or House of the Flying Daggers but what I got started off as Laurel and Hardy and then slowly developed into a bad version of Robin Hood. It's full of cliches as bad as bad guys with over the top evil laughs with one eye, the acting ain't great and it all went a bit naff.

Nathan C (de) wrote: While not necessarily his best performances, this compilation of latter day Hicks is potent.

ashley t (us) wrote: this movie rocks and i love it

John B (ca) wrote: Nice family movie and horse racing story about a Zebra, i enjoyed this one

Justin M (gb) wrote: Inoffensive if totally generic drama. The coolest thing about this was that it was shot in Cape Breton, and Ali and I spent much more time trying to identify locales then actually paying attention to the plot. That being said, I was never bored for a second (although conversely, you could say I was never engrossed for a second), which is more then I can say for most films. Cape Bretoners should see this. Look, it's Charlotte Street! LOLOLOLOL, CB IS NU H0LLYW00D.

Pierrecharley R (ca) wrote: La s (C)rie Taxi mal tourn (C)e a partir de ce film.

John M (de) wrote: Beavis and Butthead's feature film is very ambitious.

David H (fr) wrote: A Great HK Drama about a Man who step from Girlfriend to Girlfriend but in Fact miss his Mum and it isn't a HK Movie when there isn't a little Action and this Action Scenes are breathtaking just like the Cinematography and the Music

James B (nl) wrote: One of the sadest movies Ive ever seen if not the sadest! A must see!

Orlok W (nl) wrote: A harmless comedy that's truly funny--Don't make a big thing out of it!!

Becca (ca) wrote: super funny with great lines.

Ektoras K (br) wrote: Brilliant hippy trail, hypnotic soundtrack, beautiful scenery, trippy times :-)