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Young police officer Roger is on the trail of the international master assassin, while the assassin follows his plan to murder Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

Young police officer Roger is on the trail of the international master assassin, while the assassin follows his plan to murder Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan C (us) wrote: There were a few feels moments, but it was hard to buy into the concept as a whole. But you know, watching it with the fiance, it wasn't too bad ;)

Ben T (br) wrote: Somewhat fun spy spoof.

Soraya (kr) wrote: Very sweet and adorkable.

Bam R (nl) wrote: "Mika... smile."Hiro T_T

jeroen v (mx) wrote: Rather non consequential children's movie that runs low on fuel halfway through. The visuals are not quite as inspiring as the location would suggest and the characters are not as interesting as the story would make out. Still, there are some good roles played by Colosimo and McKenzie in particular and the story does meander through ok. Could've done with a bit more workshopping at the scenario development stage.

Andrew W (br) wrote: I was going to say the Air Bud series is a bit stale but HOLY SHIT THIS ONE HAS A RACCOON IN IT

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: Odd how it has an 82% Audience rating but an 8% critics. You never see things like that anymore.

Rich C (au) wrote: I thought it was excellent and refreshing. I loved the characters and I loved the 'realness' of the whole project. It is by no means a happy jaunt but it presents the levels a father will go to, to protect his children and what he has worked so hard for.

John D (us) wrote: A couple funny jokes. I expected more.

Pierluigi P (ag) wrote: Incredibly and despicably cynic, and also quite true, because that's exactly how we talk about the opposite sex, one of us is either Nicholson or Garfunkel, but by the end both are two sides of the same coin in an aimless search for settling down with a saint in society/whore in bed type of so called "perfect" female companion, The tone is fascinating, directing and acting-wise, Nichols' mise en scene borrows heavily from Italian psychosexual dramas and french nouvelle vague. A great approach, attack, pulverization and then rebuilding of a man's ego.

Mark L (ca) wrote: I loved it, and as it is the first movie I ever saw Tracy in, I am now a fan.

Jonny P (us) wrote: "Burn After Reading" is one of my least favorite Coen Brothers films. The Coens have created some inspired work from "Fargo" to "No Country For Old Men," but this script relies on a constant stream of f-words to fill in the gaps left by its weak plot. I loathe modern comedies that subscribe to the belief that if you use the f-word enough, it will become a running gag (Melissa McCarthy, I'm talking to you). In fact, the main theme that connects the film together is its crude content. Why is every relationship in the film predicated on infidelity? And that machine that George Clooney builds - there is absolutely no purpose behind it, and yet it's there for the sake of being there. I didn't like this film when it came out and tried to approach it with fresh eyes, believing that I would fall in love with it knowing what I know now about movies. I was wrong and should have trusted my first experience with it. I actually hated it significantly more than I did the first time! You would think that a cast including John Malkovich, Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton (detestable in this role), Richard Jenkins, J.K. Simmons, and Clooney would have to be amazing but the entire story is absurd. It's almost as if they pigeonholed a bunch of great actors into a 90's Adam Sandler movie and called it sophisticated. Black comedies often miss the mark because they don't find that balance between feeling sorry for characters and enjoying their misfortune. This one is a prime example. Pitt is the only reason to even consider watching this film a his character is so over the top that we love to see him be absurd. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters are so static that he feels out of place. There are a few decent moments in this film (serving the papers, Pitt's nosebleed) but nothing that will make it worth enduring. If you love the Coen brothers, you might see something in "Burn After Reading" that I didn't. After you're done, you can find me pouting in the corner, still annoyed with myself for wasting an hour and a half on this film AGAIN!

Rawballs B (ru) wrote: The stomping rocks the house!!! =)

Daniel P (jp) wrote: Bateman and Reynolds embody each other's mannerisms well and there's occasionally a funny observation, but the relentless and hideous treatment of women - in particular Leslie Mann's character - made the whole film have a putrid air of misogyny.

Heather M (jp) wrote: I probably would have enjoyed this more if I didn't have such high expectations going into watching it. Unfortunately, the story was of very little interest too me.