Sistemul nervos

Sistemul nervos


Ca sa poata trai, batrana Nica (Rodica Tapalaga) isi transforma casa de la tara intr-o "pensiune" anemica, falimentara. Singurele sale bucurii sunt cicalitul cainelui si programul de stiri de la televizor. Din singuratate, ea se inchipuie uneori eroina de telenovela: in secret, Nica este indragostita de prezentatorul de stiri Paul (Mircea Radu). Batrana hotaraste sa faca o calatorie la Bucuresti, unde fiica ei, Tuta (Cecilia Barbora), sora medicala, locuieste impreuna cu concubinul ei, Jenel (Valentin Teodosiu) si cu Marilena (Beatrice Benezi), fiica ei de 15 ani. In capitala, pasiunea sa pentru Paul ia forme paroxistice. Nica acapareaza telecomanda pentru a ramane pe acelasi canal de televiziune pentru care Paul prezinta stirile, ceea ce-i va atrage ironiile familiei. Ajunge chiar sa-l caute pe "cerbisorul" ei la Televiziune, ii scrie, expunandu-se la umilinte si batjocura. Rezista insa pana o doboara boala si rusinea. Totul culmineaza cu tentativa batranei de a se sinucide... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary S (de) wrote: Don't bother turned it off after 30 minutes

Brian H (it) wrote: One of Miyazaki's worst films.

Dinesh P (it) wrote: happens to be one of very few movies that I like ARB's performance..!!

Gregory W (fr) wrote: good stuff great music

Private U (nl) wrote: I think I saw this... if I can't remember it must not have been that good.

Rami H (jp) wrote: Only the good bass players die young.

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Dan G (it) wrote: honestly if I didn't look this movie up on imdb right before watching it, I'd have guessed it was made in the 70s... the colors. Wow. I was hanging onto every movement of those kids till the very end.. I had no idea what to expect. There was so many shots at all sorts of people too. The kids fought the parents, the grandparents talked shit about everybody, and shitting your pants and not speaking are both nuisances. So plain and simple.. yet so .. I don't know what word I'd use.

rhea f (de) wrote: very good movie. really makes you see and think about what people went through and how they delt w/ different situations.

Julie V (de) wrote: John Cusack was excellent. Be prepared. This is a heart wrenching movie.

Marilena G (mx) wrote: A bit too artsy, it has Josh Radnor's touch all over it. A good effort though.