Sister Citroen

Sister Citroen


A community of nuns, who is in charge of an asylum for orphan girls, decides to get motorized. A car is absolutely necessary to them in their work and they buy the vehicle. Sister Tomasa will have to drive it. She will soon be known around Madrid as Sor Citroen. But to reach this virtuosity she has had to travel the long vicissitudes of all beginners ... and the maximum aggravating circumstances . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (ru) wrote: Nicely shot, but the story is somewhat disjointed and not overly appealing with the plot centring about romance and culture clash. It's mildly humorous but missable.

Ian Y (br) wrote: But Rider says "there's tits."

Da B (us) wrote: passable movie with passable actors...except for Thea Gil - over-ratted actress that I've never liked...even playing in QAF, he character was annoying and in this don't fell sorry for her, you expect her husband to be a closet case - any man would be against her character...and once you've seen her play a's hard to picture her a "happy home maker"....just doesn't work in this movie...

Jared K (fr) wrote: Very informative...I love the evolution of the story

Xman L (fr) wrote: if you wanna laught til you cry watch this movie