A man takes revenge on his sister by hiring her as his personal assistant.

The childhoods of Bernice (Vice Ganda) & Detty (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) were world's apart, but they did have one thing in common: their father... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deepak P (de) wrote: Usually any Indian movie you watch these days you automatically try to find out which western movie have the producers and director copied or referred and this is done while watching the movie. However with Drishyam, there was no such thought. The movie keeps you engaged till the end and at there is not a single moment were you could even think of looking away from the screen. Brilliant script, great direction and wonderful performances all around. Drishyam is a must watch and no doubt will be remade in many different languages. However, my suggestion is to watch the Malayalam version with subtitles cause no remake will give you the same experience.

David S (es) wrote: A revenge tale involving John (Mads Mikkelson) who is excited to have his family move to America from overseas when they are brutally murdered. Mikkelson is so good along with Eva Green and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just gold as am antagonist, villain, bad guy, etc. I really enjoyed this. A very quick, but still great Western

Evelyn M (ru) wrote: Can u watch movies here?

Dimitar B (us) wrote: A bit oversimplifying, but still a good movie....

Mike B (it) wrote: Wanted to like it. Didn't.

Tom P (au) wrote: A delicious sashay of a movie that can't quite make up its mind what it is: film noir, romantic comedy, espionage thriller, teen tease or spoof of them all. Yet somehow it holds together. Brittle, quirky dialog. Turturro is hilarious as a CIA assassin undergoing on-the-job cellphone therapy. Benoit is incomparable, of course. Nolte is Nolte but his gravitas gives the film work boots.

Kimberly B (fr) wrote: This movie is factually inaccurate, a bit hammy and it has strange cameos from historical figures of the time that float in and out, but Garcia was fabulous working with what he was given. try saying "If I'm lucky one day I will paint your eyes" and try to make it feel real! As far as I know, this is the only bio film about Modigliani which is the biggest underappreciated. He had a short life, but he deserves more than this, as does the art scene in Paris after the war. Some journalist called it a "hoary artist biopic" and that about covers it. Still, there were some beautifully shot scenes and I've never met a film on art or an artist that I didn't like (at least for a few minutes). With that said, I understand why it never got a wide-release and if you're interest in piqued, I'm sure you can pick it up in the bargain bins at the evil empire (or Wal Mart as Wall street likes to call it).

Private U (us) wrote: I had to watch this for a film class and it was one of the most amazing stories I have ever come across. Go rent it! You won't be disappointed. It was beautifully written and the acting was great.

Ed L (au) wrote: im afraid ill shoot myself with a shotgun...

Anthony V (us) wrote: Does have its moments.

Fellipe M (es) wrote: It is incontestably a historical piece of cinema, the birth of the vampire in popular culture as well as a great example of the German Expressionist moviment. A classic of the classics. 5/5 stars

Mark D (es) wrote: A very good movie that just missed greatness. I'm not quite sure why, as all the components are there. Great acting, solid directing, etc. It just felt a bit anti-climactic. Possibly due to being a true story we already know the end of.Still, impressive debut movie by Stewart.