Catherine St.John-Burke is an independent, uptight, status obsessed, sophisticated, British woman, living alone in London's Chelsea, and doing herself no favors by having an affair with a married man. Her world is turned upside down when she comes home one day to discover an uneducated, Kiwi woman (with very hairy legs) drinking beer in her living room. Shirley Zachary claims to be Catherine's long lost half-sister and that their father, who Catherine thought died when she was a child, is still alive and trying to make claims on both of their properties following the death of their mothers! Furious and frustrated with Shirley's refusal to 'disappear', Shirley reluctantly agrees to undertake a DNA test.

Catherine St.John-Burke is an independent, uptight, status obsessed, sophisticated, British woman, living alone in London's Chelsea, and doing herself no favors by having an affair with a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Mohamed F (us) wrote: Sorry guys, better luck next time!The thing bugging me the most about this movie is that it's directed by someone who worked as an editor first, and usually those who make that transition from editing to directing have a great sense of pacing and continuity, they know which shots cut and which don't, but this movie had some of the worst planned shots and editing I've ever seen, and a very messed up pacing...The script was SO bad, sure the concept might have sounded good, but the actual execution was just terrible, if you're making a movie about things going stale, you have to deliver the emotions but still keep me hooked, if you wanna show me that nothing is happening, you have to figure out how to show that to me with things actually happening on screen.I've been hearing good things about Microphone, the director's sophomore feature, and I really hope it makes up for this mess!

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Nicole B (mx) wrote: I definately recommend this movie. I really enjoyed the entire cast of this movie and found the story moving and funny and inspiring. Plus it has an amazing soundtrack throughout.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: It'd done an improvement over its predecessor by managing to be funnier and apparently having a little more heart, even when the warmth may not have a presence to its usual pairing. (B)(Full review coming soon)

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