Two disconnected sisters are summoned to clean out their childhood bedrooms before their parents sell their family home.

The movie tells the story of a pair of 30-something sisters who learn that their parents are planning to sell their home. The sisters decide to throw one last house party in the home where they grew up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John K (es) wrote: I enjoyed this: a decent enough story (including one bit that really did surprise me) and lots of funny scenes. I also liked Tinkerbell's new costume, which looks a bit warmer and more durable than her original outfit. These films remind me of the "Jennings" novels: she makes mistakes, then gets into deeper trouble trying to fix them, but ultimately she faces the consequences for everything. It's just a pity that her (female) friends didn't have much to do in this film, but hopefully that will change in the next one.

Sehar M (fr) wrote: Parts of it were funny but over all nothing new abt the story.

AmandaBeth C (ru) wrote: how can one like a movie when they keep calling it killer whale when it's proper name is orca and no one in the movie seems to know that. Their are toothed and balieen whales. Dolphins are sub of the toothed kind and just look at an orca it's a dolphin yeah they are little largger then bottle nose but shape is generally the same. The movie can't even get basic facts right let alone show how aquiarm properly care's for exiotic mamals it fails.

Garrett C (de) wrote: One of the most beautifully shot, superbly acted, and enthralling dramas ever made, "Raise the Red Lantern" is a cinematic masterpiece.

Joseph S (ca) wrote: This movie is absolutely insane. It's the perfect 80s romp.

Kilo D (us) wrote: Just caught this on TV on time, so to be fair I'm giving it 7 instead of 6, which was my feeling. Rent it primarily if you want to see these actors young, secondarily if you like the idea of taking over and barricading a military academy, and other than that, it's not really a war movie.

Irvin C (it) wrote: This is a World War II flick about a group of Filipino and American soldiers taking on an army of Japanese soldiers holed up in a convent. This one feels like a Samuel Fuller war picture but with extra cheese and a bit more humor. I'm expecting Quentin Tarantino's World War II movie, "Inglorious Bastards", to reference this movie somehow.

Grayson W (fr) wrote: An early chapter in the history of zombie cinema, questions what it means to be "living", via a mans nearly comatose wife. Also, the dude with the bulging eyes is pretty creepy.

Bily T (ag) wrote: Cars is not the best idea Pixar has done but it's not the worst idea they have came up with. The film has a few things that make it good like the animation, a few of the characters, the music & songs, the cast is alright and some of the jokes in there are good.The downsides to this film is once again the villain which is the character Chick I feel like they wanted to make him a big douche bag if that's what they were going for then great job Pixar. And also that a idea of a world where everyone is a car, a pit stop car, truck, a boat or a plane is not a very creative idea. And the one thing that disappointed me was that it was directed by John Lasseter the same guy who did the first two Toy Story's and A Bug's Life it's shocking to say the least. Don't make me wrong I do like this film I just think if they added a bit more to it the film would be higher up on my list of favourite Pixar films then again all of them are my favourites.Anyways aside from the problems this film had I still like the film but not as much as the other Pixar films before and after this movie. I give Cars a 7.0 out of 10 not the best that Pixar has done but not the worst they've done as well.