Sisters & Brothers

Sisters & Brothers

Deflated Dustin Milligan is fed up of living in the shadow of a movie star brother, but what can be done?

Four separate sets of stories about Vancouver based siblings are told. Rory has just flown down to Los Angeles to spend time with Justin, his Hollywood movie star brother. Rory once had minor success in Hollywood as an actor, and encouraged Justin to give Hollywood a try. Once close, their relationship has changed by Justin's stardom, especially as Rory tries to find his place in the world. Jerry, a schizophrenic, is at a crossroads in his life. As such, his sister, Louise, feels that she needs to take care of him, especially as he was her protector when they were growing up. Louise would like to tell Jerry what she really thinks but doesn't know if she is brave enough to tell off a mentally ill person. Their relationship has an added complication in Ringo, Jerry's new ageist lawyer. Nikki doesn't see her older half sister Maggie much, only when Maggie calls whenever she is in trouble and needs help. Nikki, a struggling actress, would like a "Nikki" in her life, which she really needs... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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G Irena M (au) wrote: Exceptional,good casting ,very intense and sad ending

Laurent P (ru) wrote: Un film carceral qui parvient a conserver sa tension sans avoir recours a aucun artifice spectaculaire habituel, mais en se reposant uniquement sur la duret et le dsespoir qui habitent ce milieu clos coupe du monde...

Nicholas W (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies

victor l (mx) wrote: Sometimes it is necessary to know more than using the computer to make a good animated movie. I mean, the animation is pearly decent, but the screenplay is awful, it lacks emotional impact and me, as an espectator, never felt identified with any of the characters.

Div X (fr) wrote: The kiddies will love this one.

J K (ag) wrote: Why do the synopsis for Asian films sound so retarded? Is it a lost in translation thing or do people over there just not know how to come up with a good premise?

Rachel A (kr) wrote: Terrible in every way. The only redeeming thing was the soundtrack, and cameo by Al Jourgensen of Ministry.

Mohamed F (ca) wrote: Dafuq did I just watch?!!Seriously, those guys at the Hubert Bals fund and Fond Sud, what were they thinking? What kind of potential did they see into that steaming pile of a script?I just dunno what to say, talk about the robotic acting, or the horrid editing, or the meaningless gimmicky direction?I think the only aspect to praise about this mess of a film would be the soundtrack, which actually added some meaning to the story, and a tiny bit of charm to the film.

James C (au) wrote: As Henry's life gets worse and worse, he awakes one morning to find that his face has been replaced be a featureless white mask. It is only then he discovers who he really is.George A Romero diects this odd little (non-zombie related) movie, and it a mixed bag of results. Whilst the initial idea of the main character's literal loss of identity is intriguing, nothing exciting is really done with the idea, and the movie becomes a 'kind of' revenge with a weak ending. The limited make-up effects are well handled, and the mask is particularly unsettling. The acting is quite good, and it is good to see genre great Tom Atkins, even he is typecast yet again. All in all, this is a good idea that could have been made into something quite freaky.

Michael H (au) wrote: It's a pretty hollow horror film. Jim Gillespie's horror entry has a chance to be a deep and fascinating look at the horrors of guilt and the psyche, but instead opts for another conventional slasher film. Gillespie is there to give fans a poor man's "Scream" and he pulls it off.

Jude P (fr) wrote: Nothing consistence script nor anything !

Rahul B (jp) wrote: Visually breathtaking.. thematically stunning...

Alnissa S (mx) wrote: One of my all time favorites also

Duane B (br) wrote: Grant films were truly fo an adult nature for the times. The stories behind the fims were often dealt with complex and some shocking issues. It's interesting how these films have kept their appeal even today.

Fred O (jp) wrote: The '15th Minuet' of Carlos Mencia's 15 minuets of fame

Joseph K (de) wrote: 4,,,,,,,...(TM)n NJ f jdjdjjffjjfdkdj I 29 r

George A (nl) wrote: I loved this one when I was little. Every performance is hilarious and great. Henry Mancini does a brilliant score. It's very atmospheric. Even if the stars don't have much chemistry, they both do great.