Six Bears and a Clown

Six Bears and a Clown

The owner of a circus decides to swap his trained bears for trained pigs, and fires clown Cibulka. The clown gets a job at a local school, bears escape and seek him out and a school inspector comes into town.

The owner of a circus decides to swap his trained bears for trained pigs, and fires clown Cibulka. The clown gets a job at a local school, bears escape and seek him out and a school inspector comes into town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monica d (fr) wrote: kool movie my bro wants to see

John T (au) wrote: Kids unleash a curse when they look into someone's eyes they will kill themselves and turn into a zombie. If you kiss them they will be a slave... yea... It's really bad. Way too goofy and not a serious movie. I like a good comedy, but this was just silly. Not funny.

Melissa W (nl) wrote: I might rate it higher if the script are more organized and each character's storyline is a bit more fleshed-out. The actors' performance are well done and the emotion realistic. Even I was well aware the possible ending, I was still rendered speechless when I saw and it was with great difficulties that I managed to not tear up.

Ted W (au) wrote: Terrible animation terrible rip off of madagasgar, terrible.

Richard C (au) wrote: Ventures into too many uninteresting regardless of its allegories, with only Michelle Williams's performance being the central motive to see the film.

Michael S (es) wrote: A terrible, terrible direct-to-DVD horror flick. The story is rediculous and Rachel Miner and Taryn Manning aside (proabbly because they are the only actors with previous expieernce,) the acting was pretty bad.

Daniel K (us) wrote: "All Through the Night" is the story of Alfred "Gloves" Donahue, a man with underworld connections who follows the trail of a murder to Nazi spies operating in America. Though made prior to "Casablanca" (1942), this film features Humphrey Bogart, Conrad Veidt and Peter Lorre, who would all have major roles in that film.Humphrey Bogart leads the cast with an excellent performance as Alfred "Gloves" Donahue, indifferent to World War II until drawn into a world of subterfuge. Conrad Veidt plays a refined yet dangerous Nazi leader in a role similar to the role he would play as Major Strasser in "Casablanca". Kaaren Verne is effective as Leda Hamilton, a woman caught in the tangled plot. Peter Lorre does a fine job lurking in the shadows and trying to thwart Donahue's efforts. Jane Darwell was amusing as Donahue's interfering mother.The film has an interesting story with enough turns to keep it engaging. There was a lot of humor injected into the story and the dialogue was good for the most part. Some of the humor was off-beat, particularly that of Frank McHugh's character, Barney, whose muddled relationship with his wife and other concerns distracted from the more interesting main story. However, there were a lot of amusing moments as well, particularly when Donahue fakes a report to the Nazi underground. This film is clearly a propaganda piece, which is fine for the most part, but at times the propaganda is too blunt. Overall, though, "All Through the Night" is a satisfactory World War II film featuring performances from famous actors that would soon appear in "Casablanca".

Brittany B (fr) wrote: Great dancing, interesting story!!!

Lovro H (es) wrote: Exorcist: The Beginning is a prequel set before the original movie and we follow Father Merrin on his mission in Cairo, Egypt where his job is to find an object hidden in a Catholic church buried under ground, but unearthing the church also brought back an evil that's been hiding in it. The story I thought to be quite interesting and amusing, although it becomes quite ridiculous nearing the end and it's hard to focus on everything that's going on. I really liked the atmosphere of the movie which reminded me a lot of some sort of a mixture between the Raiders of the Lost Ark & The Temple of Doom. It had a cool adventure feel to it which made the movie different from the rest of the series. But, it's not scary. Sure, there's lots of blood and gore and disturbing imagery, but it's never handled that well to be effective. The only scene that got to me was the birth of a stillborn baby covered in maggots, which was more disgusting than scary, but nevertheless disturbing. Some attempts at being disturbing were actually a bit funny. There's a scene where a guy kills himself by cutting his throat with a glass shard and that should be quite disturbing, but the way it's filmed and acted out was quite a failure and it was more awkward than anything else. The direction of the movie isn't bad at all, there are some really cool shots. The acting was great. I really liked Stellan Skarsgard's performance as Father Merrin, but the kid who played Joseph was quite bad. There are scenes where it felt like he was acting in some sort of a school play, rather than a movie. Where the movie failed once more were the special effects. The CGI looks terrible. It made scenes which should've been scary, awkward. There''s a scene where two boys get attacked by hyenas and the animation is just distracting. Also, the ending is a mess. Not only does the CGI in it look awful, but the overall big fight is a bit anticlimactic. All in all, a mediocre sequel/prequel with some interesting ideas and great acting that is brought down by its ridiculous plot, distracting CGI and the overall movie not being scary.

Oliver O (ag) wrote: this movie was meh not as funny as the first

Sam M (it) wrote: Only good when you're a kid. Now, not so much.