Six Characters in Search of an Author

Six Characters in Search of an Author

A rehearsal is disrupted when six figures mysteriously appear on the stage, claiming to be fictional characters from an unfinished play searching for an author to tell their tragic story. An adaptation of the classic Luigi Pirandello play, updated to take place in a 1970s television studio.

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Six Characters in Search of an Author torrent reviews

Charles S (de) wrote: not exciting, and leaves you hanging with too many of the wrong questions

Laimis Z (jp) wrote: a french family drama. three generations. mother/daughter relationships. family secrets. women problems. the usual stuff. yet catherine deneuve is never disappointing, and french always know how to make it not dull. so, i say why not.

Steph C (es) wrote: I like Martin Lawrence.

Raji K (gb) wrote: Bill Murray plays a retired wealthy man who just takes each day one day at a time in Broken Flowers. His minimal lifestyle is forced to change when an anonymous letter shows up claiming he has a son that may be looking for him. With help from his neighbor he goes on a journey to find women from his past who might be the mother of his alleged son. Bill Murray really sells this movie, for many other leads could have made this movie dreadful. In his own style you feel his pain and also are intrigued by all the differences in how people life and have changed over the years and how each women represents a different stage of who he was as a man at that time. Broken Flowers was an excellent movie and worth watching for any Bill Murray fan, or looking for a slice of life type of film.

Barrett H (ag) wrote: I can honestly say that I wasted 1 hr. 30 mins. of my life on this thing. I now know to stray away from straight-to-dvd movies....forever.

Giedre Z (nl) wrote: Josh is the only one good in this film

Irene M (jp) wrote: OK, the best scene is the one where the Catholic priest provides direction to Mark Ruffalo's character, in a way that doesn't 'slam' religion does his throat.

Annelie S (nl) wrote: Den hr r ju frbannat rolig stundtals och tragikomiskt precis som bra humor mste vara! Roande minst sagt!

Kelly S (nl) wrote: I believe the film is set up to stand the test of time. It's a film you will catch yourself watching if it's on and remember how ground breaking it was as it lead to a spartan frenzy of shows on Stars and the History Channel. It is a stand alone that should have been left that way, but instead now has it's name tarnished by it successor that is not even worth calling a movie. 300 could arguably be Gerard Butlers launching point. Sure he had other movies before this however his role here will truly be hard to forget. As for Zack Snyder I'd say the film was his ticket to having his control on the world of DC comics. Granted the DC movies movies he's done are....questionable, however 300 displays the strengths and capabilities Snyder has as a director.

Nilesh J (jp) wrote: Even in the third viewing nearly 17 years since the first, it is funny and enjoyable. The movie somehow left more marks in memory than almost any comedy seen in last ten.

Kirk B (de) wrote: As if Christmas isn't already busy, Clark and his family get invaded by the entire family to stay at his & Ellen's home in Breckenridge, Co. Cousin Eddie is a real gas and uncle Louis is a riot! Worth the time to watch and laugh at the one-liners from all involved!

Michael L (ca) wrote: Scary and thrilling- yet dumb and not creative

ie F (gb) wrote: Tumultuous epic set in an early 1900s French Guiana prison colony starring Steve McQueen & Dustin Hoffman, (& cameo by Dan Vadis, "Every Which Way But Loose.") Not to be missed by Steve McQueen fans. Perhaps a shocker for Dustin Hoffman fans.

Brendan N (gb) wrote: Lots of twists but the conclusion is just stupid