Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light

Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:29 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sex,   menage a trois,  

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Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light torrent reviews

Kashan P (us) wrote: Helen Mirren gives a refined, sophisticated and controlling performance in the titular role which, though some would say that it really is all there is to offer, actually is all The Queen needs to be a good movie.

Chris S (es) wrote: The "Critics Consensus" is total bunk. "Disposable yarn?" This is no "yarn." It's history. Along those same lines, the little dweeb of a "critic," Anders Wotzke, make some juvenile comment about Cruise not looking German. How about taking a few seconds to do an internet search of Claus Von Stauffenberg before revealing yourself as a fool, Anders? The likeness is quite remarkable. I highly recommend this film. The story is true, the cast is stellar, and the acting is phenomenal. In a powerful way, this film answers the question, "How good the German people all just go along with Hitler?" The answer is they didn't. This film is a wonderful tribute to a few truly brave members of the resistance that paid a dear price for coming ever so close to taking out Hitler.

Gabriela F (br) wrote: Very, very, very interesting. The ending made little sense though.

emily h (es) wrote: it was alright weird to see johnny galecki play something othe then big bang

Sarah O (fr) wrote: i found this movie to be very frustrating to watch, mostly because it was so hung up on stereotypes.

Phil N (it) wrote: This new edition from Arrow confirms that Sleepless is the best Argento film since Opera. A true giallo, this has a faceless killer (a dwarf, back from the dead?) killing a series of girls seemingly according to a child's nursery rhyme. All the vital elements are there - lots of POV shots, grisly set pieces and some terrible dubbing and over-acting although it has to be said that Max Von Sydow brings some degree of quality to the acting stakes.

Chris D (fr) wrote: Renee Zellweger, before she was famous, in a violent, somewhat cornball, tale of two outlaws in love and on the run. Characters with names like Dinosaur Bob, Starlene, Thaylene, Creepy Cody and Billy Mack Black, almost make this a black comedy, if it weren't for all the blood and bullets. As it is, the film rests enjoyably between dark humor and serious sociopathic crime and violence.

Katherine B (es) wrote: I first saw this in fifth grade, uncut, and it made an impression. A steamy potboiler, but a good one. Some solid satire as well.

Bill B (mx) wrote: I went into this one thinking I'd caught it before, perhaps on a TCM late night viewing, but I was surprised to find it all very new to me. I enjoyed the film overall, but it didn't really feel like what I was expecting from the series, if I'm being completely honest. I think I was expecting more vampires and got ghosts and witches instead, which just didn't scratch the same itch.Rental?

Conner N (gb) wrote: The best of the Phase One Marvel movies.

Mikey P (gb) wrote: What kind of fucked up idiot gives away crucial plot information in a short preview about the movie? Rotten tomatoes people do. Thank God I haven't read it before watching. Him being the undercover CIA agent is revealed late in the movie and all you have up till that point are doubts. Great movie BTW.