Six Reasons Why

Six Reasons Why

In a desolate place called the Badlands, four men stand off with guns drawn, their fingers ready at the trigger. Among them are a fugitive seeking redemption, a son out to avenge his father's murder, a loyal servant with a secret and a murderous criminal hired to kill with a vengeance. This is their a place where revenge, deception and cruelty are a way of life.

In a future where society has come full circle and man lives by the code of the guns at his side, a fugitive, a vengeful son, a killer, and a servant stand in a four-way face-off from which... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eduardo S (ag) wrote: Muy buena! recomendada!

Iwan H (jp) wrote: wtf and lol to the max...

Norm d (it) wrote: A good enough actioner where the female lead & love interest is a thread from beginning to end, not always the case in M.I. and 007-like films. Val's good and Shue matches him, altho' for a woman on meds with heart trouble she's pretty hardy. Interestingly, the storyline is up-to-date current, probably more than nearly 20-yrs ago. A decent ride with a good soundtrack, better than the crits are critiquing.

Peter J (nl) wrote: The chemistry between Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu is nice, and their initial bickering is quite entertaining - but after the first 30 minutes, the movie is running out of steam. The side story involving "Sexy" (a 9-year-old girl dying of leukemia) is getting tired soon.

Paul E (jp) wrote: One of the better "rock biopics." This one's about Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, a band better known in its later incarnation as New Order. Fans of both fans are aware of Curtis's fate, so to avoid spoilers I'll just say that this guy was very hard to like, at least in the way this film portrays him. He's almost a rock cliche. This isn't surprising since the movie is based on a book written by the wife he treated terribly. But, the guy had some serious medical issues and he got famous really quickly (sound familiar Cobain fans?). Add in the pressures of a failing marriage, a baby and his illness and one can almost sympathize with the guy. The music is stellar - you'll love it even if you're only a casual fan of this style of music of that era. As for the performances, Samantha Morton as Curtis's wife is great, as usual. I'm not sure I've ever seen Sam Riley before (he's also in "Maleficent"), but he's really good here as Curtis. Had the movie been better marketed or if the band had been bigger in the States, there definitely would've been some Oscar nods. Not for everyone, but if you're a music fan you should find something to like about this.

Charles H (de) wrote: This was a really fine film that tracks the dramatic social and political changes that have occurred in China over the last 20 years, or so. The cinematography generally was terrific, although the use of mirrors in an effort to compound the meaning being developed in any given shot might have been a little too frequent. Still, there's plenty to love about this movie. Of particular note was the willingness of the actors to put so much of themselves onto the screen, both emotionally and physically. These guys obviously take their craft very seriously.

Calyre Z (fr) wrote: "Y'a t'il un flic pour sauver l'humanit"

20PPRHS StdStLL m (it) wrote: i want 2 c this movie so bad i heard it wuz really good wit K.G and Wilt playin basketball

Gabriella P (br) wrote: Kind of cute, but more yelling than actual plot :P

Benot L (fr) wrote: Des dialogues taills sur mesure pour des acteurs de haute vole !

Ralph R (mx) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

javier l (au) wrote: makes me wanna go to vegas

dan u (jp) wrote: that ending though. :D