Sixteen Tongues

Sixteen Tongues

The lives of an assasin and her hacker girlfriend are shattered when they cross paths with a rogue cop holed up inside an S/M hotel.

The lives of an assasin and her hacker girlfriend are shattered when they cross paths with a rogue cop holed up inside an S/M hotel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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c m (es) wrote: London in the Crash(movie) form

William W (jp) wrote: Fascinating subject. The producers are admitted Bitcoin koolaid drinkers but they present all the risks and criticisms of the movement in an even handed manner. Good stuff.

Ethan L (mx) wrote: There's barely any false notes in this melancholic drama. A

Mat T (kr) wrote: Drle mme si on ne comprend pas tout des dialogues et du scnario, et que la fin laisse vraiment dsirer...

Tiffany D (es) wrote: This one came highly recommended (years ago) as a stand out of the genre... I must disagree. While it packs in some action for the torture-horror lovers, it doesn't come until over halfway in. There was simply waaay too much (extremely boring, tedious, and repetitive) set up. Even when it got rolling, it was so chaotic and discombobulated that it wasn't satisfying. Overall, a disappointment that's best for only the true connoisseurs of horror. 2.5 - 3 stars

James B (nl) wrote: good second phase of life, self discovery movie. the soon to be, middle age guy who doesn't know if life is going the way he planned, and tries to find himself in the past. feel good moments, extremely funny moments, and some really disturbing moments! lol check this film out if you need a good laugh. it sort of reminded me of a late 90's teen movie (like cant hardly wait), but whats going on with the cast 10 years later, kind of for the early 30's guy\girl.

Richard B (jp) wrote: After watching the first one the other day, I felt like watching the 2nd one too. This is almost as good as the original, keeping it very similar, but also keeping it fresh and new. The twist at the end wasn't as good as the first and its definitely sad when Randy bite the dust. Overall a very quality sequel, which is rare, especially for a horror film.

Li E (mx) wrote: This is definitely my favorite chick flick.

Phoenix N (fr) wrote: Another great movie.

Kim M (de) wrote: Need to see this for class. Any recommendations on where I can get to watch it FREE online?

Mark W (fr) wrote: Although it was an okay sequel, it just failed to live up to its predecessor! One problem I had with it was the way it ended, a lot was left unexplained with the law shall I say (not trying to give much away)! There were some interesting moments in the film and it is certainly far away from being a bad movie! If you liked "The Fly" it's one of those why not films!

Derek J (mx) wrote: can't believe i'd say this but painfully slow. all the female characters were written so out of place especially, a hinted romance between two characters. even though it features the bat family it does not have that unique movie feel.

Giuliano B (us) wrote: Surprisingly good - the best way to describe this underrated flick! I will never forget my experience watching it for the first time.