Tuula's husband Jukka takes care of all domestic chores. Tuula seems to have no idea that her husband spends his evenings working as a major league ice hockey referee. She also finds out about his extra-marital affair with a female rally driver. In revenge, Tuula starts seeing her gynecologist Timo Paasi, a married man with six children.

Tuula's husband Jukka takes care of all domestic chores. Tuula seems to have no idea that her husband spends his evenings working as a major league ice hockey referee. She also finds out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ernest e (it) wrote: Made for TV film good enough but not fantastic. Another great example of how British culture is so sexually repressed and confused while living in such a beautiful countryside. Only UK says Picasso is messed up while they are more messed up themselves.

Kevin P (jp) wrote: Simpele romantische komedie die goed tot leven komt dankzij de sterke chemie tussen Michelle Monaghan en Chris Evans. Niks nieuws onder de zon, alleen iets vreemder dan je traditionele romkom !

Shanice S (ca) wrote: very interesting movie kept my attention

Jude P (de) wrote: Good to have a nice pastime and nothing else !

Dylan C (it) wrote: this deserves 95%, not 61%

Richard R (es) wrote: Low budget, badly acted and mainly cringeworthily unfunny. There could have been more made of the premise but sadly nothing was.

Mark L (kr) wrote: I have just watched it for the first time in over ten years, and it is outstanding still to me. Wonderfully acted, emotionally gripping, this movie reminds us that we can't relive the past, but we can at least remember it.This may be the most underrated movie I have ever seen

John B (ca) wrote: I recently watched this film for the first time in a long time. I always remember really enjoying it. It's not your typical easy to predict Hollywood romantic comedy, where you can tell exactly how's it's going to end within 15 minutes of viewing. This picture has got layers and depth with an outstanding cast. Jack Nicholson plays his part to an absolute tee, everyone else right down to the smaller characters interact with him in such a convincing way.

Paul D (nl) wrote: There's a lot of different serious issues all crammed into one college session which makes it feel slightly less authentic as a snapshot of typical student life, but it's not too badly done, apart from the dumb set of security guards.

David J (gb) wrote: Typical seagal madness. It has it all. Scowls, sensitive ponytails, swords and as a unique twist, it has Jamaicans. Thoroughly enjoyable just as long as you leave your brain at the door.

James C (gb) wrote: Chevy Chase plays a private eye who is murdered and returns to life as a dog (Benji). The film--a plot reversal of a 1951 Dick Powell comedy called You Never Can Tell--has a dash of Chase- style comedy and a big serving of Benji-flavored cuten...

David L (ca) wrote: Strangely this movie got released as part of a "Grindhouse Double Feature" DVD ( along with a movie called " The Teacher"). Aside from the abundant nudity and softcore groping, it is not really what I expected. Rather than being sleazy and gritty like most old grindhouse movies, it's kind of arty, a little pretentious, and mostly just plain weird. It doesn't really fit in with stuff like "Hitchhike to Hell" or "The Hitchhikers" or the more exploitative youth-oriented films of the era. A guy driving a tricked-out camper van and making some kind of mysterious delivery picks up two hippie chicks. One of them is a nymphomaniac, so of course they immediately have sex. The other is revealed to be suffering from religious delusions as the result of having been molested by a priest (a straight priest?--now I've heard everything!). After the threesome break down in the Florida Everglades the secrets of the girls begin to be revealed a little with flashbacks (between the sex scenes), but the movie also gets exponentially weirder. One plus about the movie is the two girls are very pretty and not like the sleazy skanks that were often in these kind of movies. The cinematography is also very impressive and professional, and for a "grindhouse" movie they sure used a good looking, wide-screen print. The low-budget is pretty obvious by a lack of sync sound in a lot of places (which might be the reason for the kind of nebulous plot and character development). With its emphasis on the visuals at the expense of plot and acting, this almost seems like a foreign movie of that era--like maybe Jean Rollin was slumming in the Florida Everglades. All in all, I guess I'd recommend it, especially if you're looking for a weird, arty hippie movie, but it seems pretty mis-marketed as a "grindhouse" flick.

Adam C (jp) wrote: This is a terrible, terrible movie. And it's very entertaining. (These women are killing men my sleeping with them... bees have sex... OMFG they must be BEE GIRLS!!!)

KARLA E (au) wrote: Eisenberg rides that line of being sooooo annoying. And for me, unfortunately makes or breaks the movie. Just couldn't get into this one.

Johonny S (us) wrote: Welcome to Rockyland! This is an entertaining story that recalls things from the first movie and develops in a much better way the life of the former Champion, mainly showing that the heart is the last thing than a fighter ever lose.