• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1949
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The Troubadour sits at a rock beside his summerhouse Sjösala in the Stockholm archipelago. He is composing a new ballad, when his son Sven Bertil interrupts him, telling him that an angry ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sjösalavår torrent reviews

Qasim Arif S (us) wrote: Excellent Comedy + Family Punjabi Movie...................................

David E (it) wrote: A horrendous film. About the best that can be said about it is that the actors gave okay performances given what they were working with. The script is terrible, filled with clunky dialogue and zero character development. The direction is just as bad, poorly paced, poorly cut, lacking in any momentum, and switching between a hodgepodge of shooting styles for no apparent reason. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to waste their time viewing this film.

Greg W (au) wrote: ok plane crash pic something you'll never see on the in-flight movie.

Reece L (ru) wrote: Featuring a excellent performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman as a haggard, old-fashioned bureaucrat worn down by the failure associated with his career, A Most Wanted Man is a compellingly unfussy and stylish political thriller as well as a realistically de-glamorized portrayal of international espionage. It will seem dry to some (the climax revolves around a man signing a contract), but for fans of the genre, it's a relatively solid and subdued take on spying that both refuses to vilify Islam as a whole and contains a nice final twist involving the US's tendency to take credit for international operations.

Mad M (ru) wrote: A pointless, long, meandering downwards spiral with little to no redeeming qualities.

Usama S (it) wrote: this movie was a lil confusing and hard to understand..maybe cause i was 9 when i saw it !!!!!!!!!! but still i liked it alot!!!

Kim S (de) wrote: I bought this film because no one rents it anymore which is sad and disturbing because it's a good film with a few twists that keep the viewer thinking. An added note to all true ALAN RICKMAN fans: He's going to shock you for one brief moment.

Paul D (it) wrote: More of the same silly humour, but still good for a laugh.

Lucas M (gb) wrote: While its has a touch of charm, the annoying characters and the plot that magicly disappears make watching this renake all the more painful.

Mae D (au) wrote: God I love Mae West.

Jonathan G (ca) wrote: Consider the original '300' film, take away the director- make him a producer. Keep it polished, full of action, tons of bloodshed, and the speed ramping slow-motion that made the first one famous. Take away personality, creativity, acting ability, and make it more about bumper boats than head to head battles. Now you have 'Rise of an Empire'. I do give them credit for being able to make a sequel (prequel?, or simultaneous-quel? ) that was uniquely from a different perspective in story telling. The story also kept its graphic novel-esque shot angles and feel. So kudos for that. Otherwise, it's a sinking ship. Rating: 6 / 10