Skagerrak is the story of being hit by happiness when you least expect it. In their late twenties and tired of partying their way around the world, Danish Marie and Irish Sophie come ashore...

Skagerrak is the story of being hit by happiness when you least expect it. In their late twenties and tired of partying their way around the world, Danish Marie and Irish Sophie come ashore... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John C (us) wrote: Muy buenas escenas de lucha. Buen coreografiadas y con la lograda intencin de mostrar que lo actores hicieron toda (o la mayor parte) de ellas.El argumento en si es un poco flojo, pero entretiene.Para ser el debut como director de Keanu Reeves, vale la pena para una tarde/noche de entretenimiento.

Alberto C (it) wrote: Hay que estar demasiado aburrido para ver un flick de esta categoria.

robin a (jp) wrote: gosh, it was so GREAT, WONDERFUL, AWSOME!!!! I couldn't stop crying and chris is such a GREAT actor, he is an incredible actor, he was sooo cute and acted so incredibly awsome!! LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

Kristin R (br) wrote: Creepy kids always make for good viewing.... as well as chastity! This kid is creepier than most (bar the Omen and Children of the Corn), and the movie overall is pretty good. A different idea and quite well executed! Not scary, but then what is nowadays?!

Petri H (kr) wrote: The most disappointing movie for a long time: interesting topic, ruined by bad writing and directing. The plot just seemed to skip the most interesting things. Even Angelo Badalamenti's music didn't have any chance of saving this film.

Steve H (br) wrote: I never made it to the actually wedding.....i was bored stiff by 10 minutes, gave up after 30. The characters are lifeless and unlikable, the settings are the same - outside the house a car pulls up.....outside the house another car pulls up.....inside the house everyone sits down for dinner.....a woman has a fag in the toilet (highlight of the film).....Where is the 'Vibrant, refreshing and very enjoyable' it stated on the dvd cover? And 'Very funny, colourful and moving' ? I expect it all comes later. If i can't relate or get engrossed into a movie by the half hour stage, then it's not worth watching the rest because the director could have edited better. The only reason i'm bothering to rate this is because it's so highly rated everywhere on the net. I wanted to like it so much but it's just drab. Try 'Bend it Like Beckham', 'Lagaan' 'Stars On Earth', Arundhati or 'The Namesake' - instead.

George M (mx) wrote: The first entry in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is a ground-breaking achievement in cinema. This film was in my opinion, perfect. You are immediately introduced to this stunning, fantasy world, which has been directed so well and cinematographed ingeniously, that you never want to leave it. The very talented cast definitely add that great sense of realism to the world, appearing ultimately convincing in their roles they play so ingeniously. The special effects were done strikingly well, with the monsters looking life like, especially because of the crisp direction. The action in this film knows where it needs to be to fit in with the captivating drama, and finally, despite this being a very long film, and being a very good film - I'd usually say this almost four hour film flew by in a breeze, but I could acknowledge that this film was four hours long and it felt four hours long to me, but I didn't want it to end. I give this film a 10/10.

Karen H (ag) wrote: thought we saw this already?

Joanne S (au) wrote: Pretty good! Enjoyed it

Fuyuki H (br) wrote: Scene to kill the old woman can not stand.

Dylan M (ag) wrote: I forgot how much I love this movie! It's a little corny at times but it was 1988 and it really is well written.

Mandela W (kr) wrote: There is only one film other than Top Gun that I've seen that dealt with flightier pilots and that was stealth. The film was pretty good but nothing compared to this classic action picture. Top Gun is an superb blockbuster film that introduces the world to the life and high octane action of flying military flighter jets. Tom Cruise cemented his star status even further here in this awesome 86 classic. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is a reckless but skilled pilot. Him and his buddy "Goose" get sent to the top gun academy for flightier pilots. There he meets the best of the best as well as a beautiful woman named Charlie whom he pursues a romance with. The movie chronicles Pete's time at the academy as he comes face to face with tough challenges as well as eventually coming face to face with real enemy danger.Haven't seen a film of this kind in a long time. other than Stealth it reminds me of never back down and other films of that nature.quite the rebel is maverick with mad confidence. tom cruise did a really great job here. you always wondered what he'd do next in part of being rebellious. At the same time he's a kid who's really scared of being called a fraud or a mistake. very similar to Adonis creed in the movie Creed. you don't really care much for Kelly mcginnis here nor val kimer who just looks like a tool. technically it is really well shot. the visuals for the scenes up in the air where really ahead of its time and provided some old school thrills. good job by the late tony scott directing wise. the visual cinematography was excellent. Neat soundtrack though take my breath away wasn't that great to be honest. Sound design was really good. the aerial battle in the air at the end was pretty coolOverall really solid action picture. Definitely a tom cruise film you want to check out if you are looking back at his film history.

Brad T (nl) wrote: One of my favs when I was 12. Great for kids 8-13, younger kids may get bored. Though nowadays, kids are spoiled by CGI. So, they'd probably hate it. Way back in the 80's when I saw it, it was Bond meets Batman, for 8-13 yr olds. Fun!

Marc B (ca) wrote: No my cup of tea. Almost no western. Only Milian is great.

Keith E (kr) wrote: Good first attempt at a Cannibal film..if i remember correctly it is the film that started that Sub-Genre..Directed by Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox)

Alec B (mx) wrote: I think I like it conceptually more than the actual execution. The middle portion isn't all that dramatically interesting, the stylistic choices are laughable on occasion and not all the performances work but there is something horrifying about allowing the Christian Fundamentalist view of end times to play out as they believe it will . . . in so doing Tolkin demonstrates how theologically flawed and morally repugnant their beliefs are. The fact that the film is willing to engage those it criticizes it admirable, and its probably why I still feel its effective despite the narrative problems I have.

Zoran S (it) wrote: Surprisingly good. Lang elevates the generic material nicely.

Stephen D (us) wrote: loved it...watched it many times

Terry G (us) wrote: this MOIVE looks SCERY .

Adrian H (br) wrote: I love this move is real as it get