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D M (ag) wrote: People are still trying to function on relatively "normal" terms in post-apocalypse USA. A demon politician who has taken over the country (while running it from his Seattle headquarters) is smitten with an amazingly beautiful woman (Anna Kendrick). She and her boyfriend devise a plan to entrap the demon in order to save world from "hell on earth." Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson are funny sometimes, but the boyfriend is very annoying. Should have been better with a cast that includes Tom Lennon, John Michael Higgins, and Paul Scheer. Watch with "This is the End" (also with Robinson) and "The World's End".

jarrad b (jp) wrote: Very interesting documentary charting the rise and lifestyle of Salita. Great story and an interesting contrast to the lives of boxers world over.

Vmedia Berkeley Ca S (us) wrote: Year of the fish - Is finally getting its US release. Taxicabs may not turn into a pumpkins, and the fairy godmother may sport fins and a tail, but "Year of the Fish" is a Cinderella story all the way, from its abused heroine to its happy ending. That the film is rotoscoped, or digitally painted, is its arthouse/festival calling card. But the story is so cliched and broadly drawn that few paying auds will feel compelled to call. That the film is animated gives it an appropriately magical feel, but it can't save the story from being drowned in devices and stereotype. Chin, although a terrific actress, is bound by the dragon-lady conventions of her character; Nguyen's Ye Xian is little more than a doe-eyed victim, waiting for Prince Charming -- who comes in the form of the handsome Johnny Pan (Ken Leung), a local accordionist who's been having problems with modern Chinese women, but who will apparently live happily ever with someone as pliable as Ye Xian. Cinderella story to the rescue. This is a must see. It should be on screen by September. Vince Vmedia UCB

Evgenia F (de) wrote: Incredible response to structural and state violence. I haven't seen anything this inspiring in a long time...

Kraig K (es) wrote: The sad thing about the stereotypes in this movie is that many are so true! I laughed repeatedly throughout this movie.

Zach W (ru) wrote: When Strangers Appear is a solid good thriller movie. The flick has surpassed my low expectations.

Matthew D (au) wrote: As well-made as the films that came before and after, featuring some of movie Middle-Earth's most impressive, chilling and memorable scenes - the encounter with the white wizard in the forest, the freeing of Theoden, the last march of the Ents, the Battle of Helm's Deep, and the reveal of the true depth's of Smeagol's madness. Nonetheless some of the quieter moments, which seemed so essential in the Fellowship, and some of the action struggle not the feel like filler as the trilogy awaits its conclusion.

William J (ca) wrote: Fantastic as always from Haneke.

Anthony C (ca) wrote: You put Redd Foxx ,Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy together you have a great movie with lots of laughs

TTT C (kr) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up Well-acted.

Daniel D (mx) wrote: Somewhat entertaining rom-com, although it kinda lacks punch and feels like little more than a typical 80's teen flick.

Oliver E (ru) wrote: Fucking trippy. Amazing though, the pacing is perfect.

Lucas M (es) wrote: Scary and insane, this catastrophic show it's very good directed by the Maysles Brothers and Charlotte Zwerin. Gimme Shelter is an agonizing documentary with unforgettable footages of a tragic Woodstock, with a powerful shock of different minds and behavior. Shocking and unique.

Jesse B (de) wrote: I've often thought (and sometimes have stated) that for a film to truly succeed it must have a powerful ending. Whether that power be found in deeply profound thought, or emotional resonence, does not matter. All that matters, to a degree, is how you end a film. Black Girl ends on a profound thought which translates into a strong emotional pull.Black Girl is about a young Senegalese woman named Diouanne who is brought over from her native land to work for a French couple (in their native land) under the false pretenses that she would be caring for the couples children. When she arrives, full of excitement and romance about her new home, Diouanne is quickly struck with the reality of her new station in life. She is a white woman's servant. Feelings of mutual animosity rise between the two women expressed in the white woman's outward attitude toward the help, as it were, while Diouanne keeps her mouth closed and seathes from the inside. Eventually, enough becomes enough and Diouanne decides that she will be no one's slave and takes a final drastic measure to ensure that she never will be again.The final images of Black Girl are what have stayed with me. The white woman's husband who has traveled back to Senegal in order to settle matters with the young woman's family attempts to pay for the life of Diouanne who had taken her own life in the man's bathtub. Bringing with him the woman's wages and a traditional mask (given to her by her mother upon leaving for France), he attempts to atone for the sins of him and his wife. The mother refuses the money, turning away in disgust. A little boy retrieves the mask and places the grotesque visage upon his own. As the man walks away in confusion the little boy follows Diouanne's former employer as if the spirit of her ancesters were haunting his every ignorant step. He looks back, unable to shake the image from his past. At last, he gets in his car and drives away without ever confronting his own prejudice, no matter how begnine it may have appeared against his wife's overt disgust with this woman who was, in her eyes clearly beneath her.

PJ E (jp) wrote: Old White People go to Paris

Yash B (gb) wrote: "Shooter" is a perfectly acceptable action thriller. It doesn't really have much that stands out but I enjoyed it. The story is mostly predictable with only a few surprises along the way. The dialogue is somewhat corny and the movie is never really plausible, but this ends up being fine since that's not really why you watch this type of movie. If you're looking for a mostly fast paced, violent, and enjoyable action thriller, it's pretty good overall.

Octavia J (kr) wrote: Terrible. This was literally the dumbest movie I have seen in a LONG time. The plot was rushed and illogical. The special effects were trash. The acting was terrible and the characters made no sense. Who TF stays in a house where they can literally see demons on camera? Why were they letting their daughter continue to sleep alone? Why was the priest so useless? This came off almost like a parody. It actually ended the series on the worst possible note and the series wasn't even that great outside of the odd numbered installments. 1 and 3 were great and 5 was pretty good. But this 6th one is pure GARBAGE. If you haven't seen it, don't bother. Just read the synopsis on Wiki or something. Let 5th installment be the end of it for you.