Skate or Die

Skate or Die

Jérôme and Benjamin are two young skateboarders whose carefree existence is turned upside down when they witness the murder of a drug dealer. Rumbled by the assassins they manage to escape. Taking refuge in a police station they then discover that the criminals are actually the crooked cops. Then begins a relentless chase through the streets of Paris as Jérôme and Benjamin attempt to outwit their unscrupulous pursuers... Utilising real Paris locations and two of France's top street skaters, Skate Or Die is an adrenalin rush thriller for the Red Bull generation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:paris france,  

When they happen to witness the murder of a drug dealer in an underground car park, Jerome and Benjamin, teenagers from the suburbs, need all their wits - but more importantly their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Skate or Die torrent reviews

Greg W (br) wrote: based on a true story but still it's just another civil war pic

Wrik S (kr) wrote: A set of practical but goofy characters, set in a somewhat impractical situation.. story-line could be termed as being overused but, gives the glimpses of life that we tend to miss..

Phantasm G (mx) wrote: This movie just flat out confused me...don't rally even know what it was about.

Maxime V (gb) wrote: The acting (or maybe the dubbing, dunno) is not that good, but the idea behind is just great!!! What if... Interesting question raised here, maybe our next attempt to fix a doomed-to-failure democracy!!!?!!!

Joshua L (it) wrote: I love this movie especially the music

Brad M (es) wrote: "My granddaddy told me the only thing a man needs to survive is love and a .45."Really fun low budget indie flick about a southern couple on the run from the law after a robbery goes awry and some cops get killed. It stars Watty (Gil Bellows) and Starlene (Renee Zellweger) as the now infamous couple with small roles by Jeffery Combs and Peter Fonda as well. If anything, it's a white trash True Romance. This is the kind of movie I'd assume Rob Zombie would be making.

Ana M (us) wrote: Preciosa, compleja, con una fotografia,banda sonora y edicion muy logradas. Llena de excesos y laberintos,tal como la obra de Rampo. Un excelente homenaje a Edogawa Rampo Sensei.

Paul P (es) wrote: "I'm gonna take you to the bank Senator Trent...To the blood bank! (Heavy score!)"I'm not watching Seagal movies to take them seriously, just for some fun action. And Hard To Kill delivers that along with the bonus of Kelly LeBrock.

Arthur W (de) wrote: Seem to have missed this at the movies, unless it didn't get a general release. Trailer looks OK. These dino films are not ever going to be appealing to anyone looking for a story or plot so just sit back any enjoy the monster action!

Marc (it) wrote: Been trying to get to this forever now.

Hayley K (us) wrote: Much better than expected for a RomCom ???

Kevin F (mx) wrote: Everything about this movie is so stupid. No disrespect to Hugh Jackman

Camille L (ca) wrote: Pour le premier film de Vin Diesel en temps que premier rle d'un actioner de studio, xXx ne peut que confirmer ce que l'on pensait aprs le premier Fast & Furious. Oui, Vin Diesel a un charisme certain et parvient ne pas trop se prendre au srieux. Malheureusement, il ne peut sauver un film particulirement vilain, extrmement gnrique et surtout trs idiot. Quelques squences sont pas trop rates, chaque fois qu'elles permettent Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson et Michael Roof d'en faire des caisses, mais en l'tat, difficile d'expliquer la biensance autour d'un film qui n'a rien offrir et qui tombe assez souvent dans le ridicule le plus effarant (mention spciale aux quinze dernires minutes). C'est d'autant plus trange que la suite est trs russie et que le troisime opus venir s'annonce renversant.