A heart attack moves a Pulitzer winning journalist to leave NY for the peace of a small New England town, but he soon finds himself pulled into a case of a man accused of killing his gay lover with the blade of a shovel. Wanting to keep the case quiet, the town turns against the journalist and his family when he begins digging into its secrets, until finally the accused man is found hanging in his cell and the truth comes out about more than just the killing.

A heart attack moves a Pulitzer winning journalist to leave NY for the peace of a small New England town, but he soon finds himself pulled into a case of a man accused of killing his gay ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Official C (ca) wrote: It is a slow-burner, with a runtime of over 2 hours, however the amount of emotion and fabulous acting makes this romance story a poignant and heart-warming experience.

Brad S (ru) wrote: A short film that feels like a long one. Extended single shot sequences are tiresome and don't add to the films attempted theme of endless love. So many films get love wrong - but I did enjoy the cultural perspective that silent souls is backdropped with, particularly the historical rituals involved in grieving and moving forward. This is its only saving grace.

Leo L (br) wrote: An interesting film that centralizes on a lonely young man and his father in rural Texas. Due to his father's accident, young Elvis takes on the tasks of being a mortician in the family business. One day, a young woman's body is brought in for funeral preparations. Her unexpected return-to-life inflicts a national discovery and alters her pursuits of beauty pageants that she leaves home in favor of staying with Elvis and his father. Their short-lived moments of peace is interrupted when Anabelle's mother initiates a search for her.Great cast- awesome performances by Max Minghella, Blake Lively, and Joe Mantegna.Definitely worthy!

Ajeesh V (fr) wrote: Well executioned Action Movie.. The shootouts in the movie was too brilliant.. A Worth Watch!!!Johny Strong was great in every aspects...

Sukhitha J (fr) wrote: Apparently at this time, Jackie Chan must've gotten so rich, that he decided to bury a substantial amount of his wealth in making this one movie, in America. Coz the destruction and impossible stunts in this movie, is just, just, craaazy. And I guess he must've also gotten a pretty YOLO attitude and decided to do all the stunts by himself. It's more like a story woven just to get those crazy stuff he does together. I know, he does that in all of his movie, the insane bastard. But the end credit in this one is a bunch of people getting injured only, not bloopers, just shows how crazy Jackie Chan is and what a potential life threatening job is to work with him. Crazy excessive action. When you think about it, almost as only action centric as a Michael Bay movie. But without Visual, what was I thinking, I was very wrong to compare this with a Bay movie. Nothing is as retarded as a Michael Bay movie. Not even Ranja I believe.

John K (it) wrote: It's a formulaic slasher with horrid acting but somewhat ambitious effects and direction. Though the writing is rather lazy in Slaughter High, the overall production is rather carefully crafted and lovingly put together. A Writing / directing team led by Georgre Dugdale put together a rather dark but clunky slasher with creative kills and the aforementioned plethora of jump scares. The killer wears a jester's mask and slaughters with an unique flair with a decent amount of blood, and the last reel of the film somewhat makes up for the slow and jumpy hour that preceded it.The final product is admirable from a indie filmmaker's perspective, but a bit rough and sluggish your average horror fan.

Tracy F (ru) wrote: Another oldie from back in the day! Shows the struggle of an American kid growing up in poverty and with an alcoholic father. He worships his older brother but never gets the acceptance he longs for throughout the movie. Matt Dillon was great!

Timothy S (au) wrote: John Schlesinger has directed some great films over his distinguished career. "The Falcon and the Snowman", "Midnight Cowboy", "Marathon Man". What drew him to an early 80's drive-in flick like "Honky Tonk Freeway" is a mystery that maybe only the man himself would be able to solve. I can't argue that there is a gem of a good idea here, but the vast majority of this is filler material. It spends most of the movie on a vast array of supporting characters that sort of reminded me of an Irwin Allen disaster picture. There are some good actors here, and some laughs along the way, but the whole thing just feels like an exercise in excess. Why couldn't it just be about this small town in Florida fighting the system to get an off-ramp? I don't know. Every other thing in this picture is kind of unnecessary, despite the smattering of good moments along the way. Beau Bridges has some funny moments here as quite possibly the worst children's author ever, and the couple of Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy are also fun in their roles. However, another thing that concerned me is that for a "PG" rated flick there are a lot of unsavory moments in this. David Rasche plays a pimp who apparently converts waitresses into prostitutes and Daniel Stern peddles cocaine throughout the whole thing. That kind of stuff just doesn't fit in well with the tone of the rest of the movie. I did kind of like some of the hokey country songs, however. It's weird but true, but they sort of fit in with the weirdness that is "Honky Tonk Freeway". You have to wonder just what the point of it all is.

Jonathan S (it) wrote: It has its moments. Interesting early use of color and a host of campy mad scientists make this grisly pre-code horror melodrama a tasty treat.

Sam B (it) wrote: Very gory, and not original. If your in the mood for a bloody gore fest, this is the movie for you.

Nicholas S (ru) wrote: couldt keep my attention. a labor to watch

James C (kr) wrote: AWESOME MOVIE!!!!! just like when i was watching them as a kid.