Skellig: The Owl Man

Skellig: The Owl Man

After moving with his family into a new home, a boy discovers a bird-like man living in the old garage on their property.

After moving with his family into a new home, a boy discovers a bird-like man living in the old garage on their property. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Skellig: The Owl Man torrent reviews

Scott B (it) wrote: Beautifully shot and acted but a little too sedate for my tastes.

Jerry H (us) wrote: By now, I think pretty much everyone in America knows that music-based entertainment is very "in" with kids right now. Between video games such as "Guitar Hero," "Dance Dance Revolution," and "Rock Band," television shows like "Shake It Up!" and "VICTORiOUS," and countless movies, it's pretty much everywhere. "Rising Stars" attempts to cash in on that trend, and it mostly succeeds. The cast, including Fisher Stevens ("Early Edition" and "Short Circuit,") Rebecca St. James (a contemporary Christian singer, who has also acted in lesser-known films such as "Sarah's Choice") and Leon Thomas III (Andr (C) from "VICTORiOUS") all did very well. The musical number at the end was very beautiful, although it wasn't the "grand finale" I was hoping for. "Rising Stars" also painted a dismal picture of the reality television industry (which, in my opinion, is well-deserved) and included many positive elements: being proud of your heritage, working together, overcoming adversity, etc. Aside from the slightly underwhelming final number, the only complaint that I can come up with is that the film is devoid of any references to God or faith. That wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't found out about this movie by seeing it for sale at my local LifeWay. Although there are plenty of worse messages churned out by Hollywood than the ones in this flick, parents looking for a flick that affirms God won't find it here. As far as offensive content goes, as bad as it got was one use of "jeez" and a reporter wearing a slightly low-cut outfit. In short, if you're looking for a kid-friendly, music-based movie, "Rising Stars" is a good one; however, I'd suggest renting it before deciding whether to purchase it.

Addison P (fr) wrote: Stereo typical movie about someone having to either return to their past and confronting it.

Cindy C (kr) wrote: How has this never been on TV before? or is just such a catchy title that I've missed it in the past 20 years? This movie is all about Piggs and LE Funts. Enjoyed the skits about the SAT prep, and all of the 90's SNL cast cameos. Would not buy DVD, but would watch this again. and again. and again.

Joseph A (au) wrote: "I want more Cenobytes" okay here you go pal

Jacob B (us) wrote: Imaginative, beautifully animated and successfully managing to start off as a nice family-friendly movie about a girl who discovers a parallel world better than the crappy one she's living in at the moment to a dark horror film about a woman hell bent on ensuring her "daughter" stays there as part of her elaborate plan, Coraline is an entertaining film that ranks among one of the best animated films of 2009...and also a great start to stop-motion animation studio Laika who following the production, but not complete involvement, of Corpse Bride seems to show themselves as a worthy competitor to British stop-motion animation studio Aardman.

Zach R (de) wrote: Best movie Quentin Tarantino has ever made.