When a young woman is cruelly and indiscriminately attacked by a notorious gang led by the violent Trey, her little 16 year old sister Kayla wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means joining a rival girl gang led by the volatile and damaged man-hating Danielle.

Set in the inner estates of North West London, the movie tells the story of 16-year-old Kayla who joins a rival girl gang led by the volatile and damaged man-hating Danielle only to take revenge on a notorious gang who cruelly and indiscriminately attacked her sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brady M (it) wrote: Personally, when I heard about a Channel Awesome movie with all the reviewers together, directed by Doug Walker himself, I was a little excited. And, to be honest, I was blown away. I did not expect it to be so well put together, featuring every character enough to the point that even people who aren't fimiliar with all the reviewers can still have fun. And that's the keyword here: fun. This movie obviously can't be judged like a Hollywood blockbuster, it had a low budget (which it shows), and there's a reason a lot of these people are critics, and not actors. Still, it was fun, entertaining, and, like Batman, was the movie we wanted, but not the one we deserved.Letter grade not available due to different circumstances.

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: Lovely Christmas movie with a great message. Great ending.

Zach M (fr) wrote: This was an alright movie that had quite a few laughs but was also filled with some very unlikeable characters.It had a good cast and at times was very smart.Victoria Justice was good as the lead and I liked the use of the Beastie Boys and Def Jam.

Ross L (gb) wrote: Better than I expected. The story is basically about Jay (Andrew Cisneros) trying to make it living in the Bronx by working late nights at a gas station and playing guitar in the park during the day. His life changes once he meets Alessandra (Jenna Dewan) and pursues his dream of leaving the Bronx and becoming a musician. While the story may feel familiar, it manages to avoid being cliche and tells a touching story.

Francisco L (gb) wrote: Beautiful and charming story with truly lessons, Nanny McPhee bring to us great performances by Thomas Sangster as a kid and that complete this good movie.

Brad S (kr) wrote: - Watched yet again, I've seen it maybe 6 times now and it still makes me laugh. Vaughn and Wilson have great chemistry here and the writing is pretty strong for a comedy. lots of funny parts. Check it out if it's been a while.- Just rewatched it, must have seen it at least five times now, and it's still just as funny each and every time.

Erin D (us) wrote: a great film, well acted and portrayed

QueenDysiera B (kr) wrote: I love this movie so much! To me, the moral of this movie is watch who you call your friends. This movie is a classic and stars the famous Tupac Shakur. This movie gives you a outlook on the real world and why you should be cautious. This movie may be way before my time but I still love it.

Stephen H (it) wrote: This one tries to hard to be funny and scary (unlike the original which played it straight, to hilarious effect). I watched this on fast-forward.

Sergio (it) wrote: A real work of art and a moving story

Sam B (ag) wrote: Filled with subtle humour, and a plot twist in the series that confuses, but also gives viewers a great revelation

Aaron O (br) wrote: Though the film is one of Hitchcock's lesser known works, it is still nonetheless one of his greatest in my opinion. A surprisingly well crafted story for the unusually large number of writers who worked on this film, and it executes it with a great mix of visual imagery and subtle propaganda. It offers insight to the political and diplomatic tension of the time. And when viewed in the context of the era, and its underlying message, it's a pretty damn good propaganda film.