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Skibet er ladet med

"The ship is loaded with" four angry young men, an original skipper, a fashion model, a radio station, a pirate flag and various musical instruments. And the ship is at anchor in international waters and can not sail forward or backward. On the other hand it can emit radio advertising, and it does.

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Chanse P (fr) wrote: Very good movie for lifetime. I loved the ending as well, because it was such a thriller/scary ending. I think they should make a sequel.

Nishant A (ca) wrote: A very nice movie on Gujarat riots. Must watch

Donald P (kr) wrote: Good movie. Has Dennis Quaid & Sharon Stone in it. They are being terrorized by a dirt bag who once lived in their house. He wants it back!

Marisa R (au) wrote: Very sweet story with a simple line exploring relationships and dreams. The cast is great, and the music very classic Hindi film. I greatly enjoyed the first half, once Juhi's character died, I was disengaged. I also loved the depiction of rural India, it was refreshing.

Sanjid P (ag) wrote: This is a film adaptation of the case of infamous British serial killer John Christie...a dangerous manipulative killer hiding behind a bland, mild exterior of an everyday sober English gentleman which showcases a disturbing exploration of evil. Richard Attenborough(TM)s all screen performance as Christie is I think, one of the finest examples of method acting.The film centers on the case of young and fully dim-witted Timothy Evans (brilliantly played by young John Hurt) who comes to lodge and whose pretty young wife becomes another victim of Christie and this case represented a rare & haunting chapter in the legal system of England. The Christie murders were famous in Britain, and, in fact, historic because of their effect on the elimination of the UK's death penalty. And as a film, based on the true events, it turned out a devastating & sad experience while watching an innocent & helpless man get hanged for the murder of his wife & child and the real killer is getting away.And that makes it an undeniable masterpiece in the sub-genre of serial killer films, highly recommended.

Andy C (ag) wrote: Decent zombie movie, butter zombie movie suck

Andreia C (kr) wrote: I never cried so much in a movie. And still cry like my heart is being broken into small little pieces everytime I see it.

Richard D (fr) wrote: A transitional film for Lynch ... kind of the bridge between "Twin Peaks" and "Mulholland Dr.". It's a film that confounds many viewers because Lynch is essentially making a fantasy film without including any of the genre markers that flag a film as such for the viewer. Hence, many viewers refuse to accept a fairly straightforward and literal interpretation of the film and seek some deeper symbolic meaning that isn't really there. It's quite literally about a guy who cannot accept the ugly truth about himself so he alters reality to accommodate his self image.

Ruslan M (ru) wrote: An uneven but authentically disturbing crime thriller and a haunting family drama memorable for its dark depiction of rural America, suspenseful story, and Philip Glass's exquisite score.