Ex-gangster Tony Banks is called out of retirement by mob kingpin God to carry out a hit on fellow mobster "Blue Chips" Packard. When Banks demurs, God kidnaps his daughter Darlene on his luxury yacht.

Ex-gangster Tony Banks is called out of retirement by mob kingpin God to carry out a hit on fellow mobster "Blue Chips" Packard. When Banks demurs, God kidnaps his daughter Darlene on his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Skidoo torrent reviews

Jamie B (us) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie, but it didn't quite live up to them...

Jake M (ag) wrote: This movie is awful. It quickly becomes obvious that whoever made this movie is not knowledgeable on hockey or musicals. The more you see hockey being played, the more they make errors, anybody who loves hockey will be frustrated by the rules being wrong in this movie. The acting in this movie is atrocious most of the time, which can probably be credited to an awful script, but there is no actor in the movie experienced enough to save a bad script. The songs are truly the worst part of this movie. The melodies are non existent most of the time and the poor actors are stuck trying to find a note to hit, the lyrics are even worse. It seems as though the lyricist has the depth of a 12 year old with a thesaurus. overall an atrocious film

Cristbal S (fr) wrote: The acting is great, but the plot feels flat, I don't see myself watching this film again, but I can't deny how well made it is.

Tori B (jp) wrote: OH MY GOD it's so cute.

Chris C (ru) wrote: I'm glad my parents weren't political activists, that would have been strange..... especially in small town Missouri.

Della P (ag) wrote: A piece of Hrithik Roshan. I kinda like it

Nafiah B (us) wrote: very nice story n also all the songs in this movie is very nice to listen

Steve H (us) wrote: Usually i find cricket SO Boring.....but rather like Baseball in 'The Natural' this is a must see film! Never a fan of Bollywood films before (too much singing and dancing.....even if it is part of telling the story) BUT there's no denying LAGAAN is one if not the best entertainment to come out of Indian cinema. What i liked was the amount of different characters and their individual stories which made you side with their cause. The story was well told, and there was a nice build up of tension even before the match started. Basically it's about a bet that can't be refused....if the Indians win the cricket match against the British, then they will pay no taxes for three years......but if they lose....they have to pay thriple the amount they are already paying. This tax is called LAGAAN and the village people are already struggling to pay the normal amount of tax. Bhuvan is tricked into taking up the wager....even though the Indians haven't played cricket before. The nasty bad guy Captain Russelll has staked his reputation on the British winning....There are some Bollywood style songs and dances here which i must admit i skipped over to get back to the 'action' but most of those which i did watch actually did add to the feel of the occassion and lent more detail to the story.P.s. LAGAAN is at number 14 on the BBC's top 50 films to see before you die.

Kevin D (us) wrote: Recycles footage from the first two Carnosaur movies in grand American International Pictures tradition. Boy does this fucking suck.

Michael A (us) wrote: Watered down unfunny comedy for the 90's set..this thing just sucks.

Gillian C (it) wrote: the delivery scene really moved me to tears

Aaron C (nl) wrote: Johnny 5 is a a cross between E.T and Michael Jackson he thinks hes a real person just like Michael,he gets up to some lighthearted shenanigans with his indian pal,then danger threatens and before you can say "I need a hero..." Johnny 5 saves the day

Kodi B (us) wrote: An overly complicated plot that is more confusing than intriguing. The only enjoyable part was glimpses of Nicholas Cage at his best but not sequenced in such a way to make the whole enjoyable. Great to see Anton Yeltsin in a new type of role but ruined by the confusing plot and disjointed direction. Some parts of this movie are just downright annoying and don't relate to the rest of the story. It's one of those movies you walk away from thinking it could have just been so much better. Overall best avoided unless you are really bored.

Uriel G (kr) wrote: The epitome of the genius of Tarantino's scripts.

George G (nl) wrote: If this movie is even remotely true to the book, I want to know what everyone was smoking during the various processes it took to publish the book, decide it would be a good candidate for the big screen, writing the screenplay, deciding which actors to in the film, and then releasing this movie to the public.None of the characters in this movie are believable human beings. It's as if every scene *started out* as something straight forward, and then painstaking effort was taken to twist each one into bizarre, over-the-top, forced drama.Bastard son meets his 9 year old half sister for the first time? Of COURSE he wants to molest her then and 15 years later when he *happens* to be the soldier in charge of interrogating him.Suspicious of your wife having some kind of weird sexual attraction to your sister? Of COURSE that's something to worry about, and thus warrants banishing her from your life and threatening her with death if she ever comes around again.Every situation, and the way the characters reacted to them, had me facepalming or bursting out into laughter.