In the late Seventies, a Dutch teenager named Frankie, who is the son of a holocaust survivor, lives in a working class area in Holland. Frankie’s mother is taken to hospital in a terminal condition, causing a bigger rift between him and his father. This leads to Frankie becoming the interest of the local Nazi skinhead group.

Based on the true story of a black girl who was born to two white Afrikaner parents in South Africa during the apartheid era. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane J (br) wrote: Not as bad as I heard. Tyler Perry just doesn't have the clout for the role unfortunately and that's a major flaw of the film

Samson S (gb) wrote: Informative, although not necessarily entertaining documentary about the New Jersey school system...You have janitors ballin' out of control, and administrators clockin' six figures while the children suffer

Private U (es) wrote: The forgotten history of the Vietnam Veterans movement against the war. If only this movie came out earlier...

Ross M (jp) wrote: In a time of Xfactor led music banality its excellent to see a documentary which shows what music is really all about, in all its brawling ugly glory. Much like the Anvil documentary it kind of restores your faith that there are still plenty of people around who love playing and making music with passion (regardless of your musical tastes) rather than only wanting to be karaoke stars sucking Cowell cock and winning 50 Grammys

Marc R (au) wrote: Arguably the greatest American documentary ever made, and certainly one of the most ambitious; a work of astonishing literary depth and breadth, covering a multitude of subjects and themes with insight and care while also working as riveting entertainment.

Anthony C (de) wrote: Beautiful in so many ways.

Mike V (br) wrote: This is such a difficult film to comment on. The separate plots in different countries all end up tying in together, some soon and some later. There are tense and powerful moments, but perhaps some of the earlier Japanese scenes could have been shortened. The film is inevitably depressing, examining sets of tragedies and how one person's actions can have far reaching consequences. AAN 1001

David F (us) wrote: I could be better. For a better means.

007 W (gb) wrote: Kingsman the Secret Service is a pretty good movie, to be honest it feels more like a James Bond movie then the spy movie which makes it really good

Shawn R (us) wrote: Love watching Ken Hunnemeder on the big screen. Okay as a movie about someone who pick pockets and falls in love could be.

Deena D (kr) wrote: Not the best movie! Quite boring actually

David J (kr) wrote: The SNL-esque train scene is too absurd to fit and, for a "social satire," the commentary is lacking, but "Trading Places" is a comedy that delivers laughs and great performances from Aykroyd and Murphy.

Cal H (ru) wrote: Pixar once again brings the visual imagery that audiences have come to enjoy and expect. The personalities of its stars, WALL-E and EVE, are well orchestrated with little spoken dialog, depending instead on electronic beeps and blips, but the real emotion is conveyed through it WALL-E gently clasping his own hands, EVE blasting things to smithereens one moment and spinning with apparent joy the next, or the other myriad of ways Pixar can fabricate. This movie is even able to breach a load of serious social issues - excessive consumer consumption, pollution, and plain laziness. However, the message is very heavy handed and the tempo is sluggish once the viewer is transported to the Axiom spaceship. While the closing message is one of hope and determination to make a positive difference against the loud din of the industralized's a movie that wears after more than one viewing. You probably won't stop and watch it every single time, no matter what part of it you come across, when zipping through all those cable choices down the line. Or you'll change the channel once WALL-E and EVE are on the Axiom. Also, it boggles the mind, but apparently every critic allows it to go without saying...WALL-E sure seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to Johnny 5 of Short Circuit fame.

Michael H (es) wrote: Our Two Canadian Hoser's star in their own movie in The Adventures of Bob And Doug Mckenzie: Strange Brew. this is a once in a lifetime event because you will never, ever see these stars in the same movie ever again because SCTV is done and Moranis quit his job acting. This is suppose to be a adaptation on Hamlet although I don't see the connection. All I can say for the plot is there is something strange brewing in the elsinore brewery as Bob and Doug get jobs. This movie is a lot funner then the last movie I reviewed Blazing Saddles because this movie is more adventrurous then that movie. We get to know different things about them and they go to different places rarely seen on SCTV. Its alot funnier then Blazing Saddles also and the plot is more interesting. This is a great adventure. So grab a beer, bacon and donuts and have a great time hosers!90/100 A-