Creatures, bound by the blood of the wolf, that can kill with curses and move at lightening speed, watching the night sky for the rise of the blood-red crescent moon. They are SKINWALKERS. They feed on our flesh and thirst for the taste of human blood. The red moon signals each pack, divided by principles, hell bent to survive an ancient prophecy.

A 12 year old boy and his mother become the targets of two warring werewolf packs, each with different intentions and motives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Skinwalkers torrent reviews

Serdar C (au) wrote: A cute film-noir from France. A young woman is found dead in a snowy little town and a writer who happens to be there investigates with the intention of writing its story as his next book. Reminds you "Fargo" and "Twin Peaks series" for obvious reasons. It's not up there with those masterpieces but it tells us to watch out for that director.

Armaan A (us) wrote: ?imizi ?s?tan bir film daha..

Travis D (de) wrote: I don't even know where to begin.

Conrad K (fr) wrote: Very funny and interesting story. Never heard of it before. Would watch it again.

James L (de) wrote: I loved this film for its incredible originality; I had no idea where the film was going yet the plot was fun to follow. There is also an excellent group of actors that keep the film like able and entertaining. Throw in the fact this film was made on location in New Orleans and it becomes a 3.5 star film !

Richard H (es) wrote: Recently I watched the 4 films of Carlos Reygadas, these are often frustrating films but each of them has some aspect that sticks in the mind whether it is technique or just the things shown - certainly Reygadas is one of a kind

Dan B (nl) wrote: I know every word to this movie I love this movie so much I could watch it every day and not get to me this is Jim Carreys top movie.

aaron a (mx) wrote: "I don't believe this. What's next? Somebody going to tell me how to take a crap?" Synopsis: Jack Elliott's baseball glory days are over, or so it seems. No longer the athlete he once was, he's traded to a pro team in Japan, where he promptly angers everyone around him with his arrogance and ignorance. Jack is an arrogant, annoying, childish, and an ass of a man. Such a character is fine, but do not try to make me like the man by having him stress the value of fun after he makes it clear he is a 11 year old stuck in a 38 year old man's body. And don't you dare say all this selfish, childish, belligerent, and completely asinine behavior is what makes a incredibly beautiful woman attracted to him. I mean, after mistakingly assuming Hiroko wants to engage in a sexual relationship, Jack decides to shout at her and insult her country on their very first date, yet, she falls in love with him anyway, i guess japanese women have a thing for taking care of 40-year old babies. Oh yea, Tom Selleck turns in a razzie-worthy performance as well. The rest of the writing while entertaining, is just a bunch of clich's. The team plays poorly at first, but once our hero's attitude, SURPRISE, does a 360 degree u-turn; the japanese team turns into the New York Yankees, all the problems in Jack's love life is settled, and by the end all the characters live happily ever after. It's a shame that the film suffers from such fundamental flaws, as it does have some quality to it. The actual directing is rather solid and the picture is well filmed, as the action on the diamond (apart from the sound design) has a rather authentic look and feel to it. Despite a good time and solid directing, Mr. Baseball's screenplay is cliche'd and manipulative.

Michael A (de) wrote: Cheesy great 80's fun..this made for tv is a rare hidden gem and well worth it, if you can find it.

Troy F (es) wrote: As a sequel to the hilarious first film, it's a major letdown. The Griswold's are essentially "dumb Americans" in a European setting, and the biggest punchline is that they don't fit into the European lifestyle because they're tourists, and are oblivious to the mistakes they make. Anyone that's been to Europe and sees this film will see a lot of the cultural jokes coming from a mile away. Chevy Chase is the only actor that makes the best effort to hold his own in this film, trying his best to be the loveable character in the first, but barely succeeding as much due to the stale script. The kids have been replaced and are extremely average characters, almost unbearable at times. Rusty is just a teenage boy lusting for women while Audrey is a girl that complains about her boyfriend Jack the entire film like a whiny bitch, she was one of the worst things about this movie. The comedy is either miss, or just awkward. When it works, it works all so subtly, but when it falters, boy does it hit the ground hard. I should also note this film is horridly dated, more so than your average 80's film, so unless you don't mind the 80's or grew up in the time, this film is painful on the eyes (oh gawd, the fashions...) It feels longer than its runtime, and it'd be a real pain to sit through this again.

Grant K (br) wrote: Heder is the only shining talent in this mess. Thornton comes off as a cruel, creepy a**hole.

Kenneth L (kr) wrote: Total disrespect for rule of law & due process.

Paul D (it) wrote: Rather hard faced performances all around in this one. A decent western around set around one family and their one dimensional feuds.

Alyssa C (us) wrote: This is an Amazing movie, if u have had a odd life you will enjoy it because i certainly did!! :)