A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.

A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charle J (de) wrote: It's excellent just listening to all his hits plus it's a look into his life & what inspires him!

Daniel F (ca) wrote: An extremely weak script that even G. Depardieu or the two respected Israeli actors struggle with to lift this film. A pitiful representation of immigration to Israel.

Jeremy D (kr) wrote: Are you tired of seeing Hollywood films that just don't impress you? Do you want to see a genuine horror film that will excite you? Then watch this movie, because it is amazing. Chris R. Notarile brings a new level of horror to the screen, making the world's first 'basher' film. If you are looking for anything that isn't Hollywood-made, then definately go to Blockbuster or Netflix or even Redbox and rent this, because it is fantastic. Rating: 4/5.

Jeffrey C (mx) wrote: Interesting as a story but as a movie it had problems with pacing.

Ricky T (jp) wrote: Here we have a Lindsay Lohan vehicle. I saw this film maybe a month ago, so this review can't be too official as I forgot about most of the film. That's how bad it was, a month later I forget about it and I forgot that I have even saw it until I'm reminded of it.To begin, this has been considered one of the worst films of all time and for good reason. It has a 6% on here and I can see why. According to this site, it only has 4 good reviews. Were these 4 people who gave it a good review drunk or something? It doesn't matter. I forgot how this film starts off but I can say that the ending is just lame and somewhat predictable. For one, the acting, writing and directing here are bad but the visuals are not bad. I would compare it's used of color to that of Suspiria. I rated this 1.5 about a month ago and now writing a review. I would go into the plot but who really cares? Lohan plays a teen named Audrey Fleming who is abducted and is tortures and then escapes. After her abduction, she says she is a stripper named Dakota, which includes scenes of Lohan in a strip club performancing some dances. ( The lighting in the club is actually fantastic.) And, now remembering what the beginning of the film was like. it starts off with a striptease of Lohan. I guess writing this review is slowly bringing back flashbacks of this movie.I don't have much else to say about this film except that it is horrible and I wasted about 1 hour and 45 minutes watching it. TIme that I'll never get back.

Lance M (nl) wrote: Although this movie has received bad ratings, I found this movie hilarious. This movie is about failing to film a respected wilderness show. Don't hold it to any higher standard.

Charles M (ru) wrote: Humorous look at India and Pakistan; and Muslims there. There is a scene where Brooks passes by a call center on his way to his office in India; and there the operators are taking calls for several companies that have customer service phone lines. This is the kind of thing I expect in the real world. (Spoken with an Indian accent: "Hello, thank you for calling Dell Computers (or insert the company of your choice). How may I help you? In this movie Albert Brooks plays himself as a standup comic. I think that this movie helps us to understand the people of the Muslim world.

kria m (ag) wrote: what was its point my head ached gee boring stuff

John B (au) wrote: March of the Penguins is an emotional journey alongside the illustrious Emperor penguins on their march to their generations old breeding ground. Miles walked, chicks lost and dangers abound; the penguins fight for their lives and the lives of their children as they wander the Antarctic wasteland in search of their home after said breeding period ends. Each winter these multicolored soldiers march single file through the chill of their environment in order to pair up monogamously with one another for their entire breeding cycle. Cinematically, this documentary is in the forefront of its class. Breathtaking shots of the splendorous Antarctic glaciers and bodies of water make for an unequaled documentary experience. This documentary is an odd experience from a viewer's perspective. Hilarity and sadness mingle in a ballet of emotions continuously from scene to scene. One scene will be hilariously displaying a chick falling over it's own feet to land face-first in a pile of snow, yet the next will be of another chick being attacked by a seagull or an older penguin being carried away by their mortal enemy the leopard seal. Morgan Freeman's stern, grandfather-like voice lends itself to the emotional scenes, creating a mixture of perfection that not only makes the viewer understand the sadness, but hold those emotions inside for a long time after the credits role.

Joey F (au) wrote: The whole story is basically told through narration. Seriously, just read the book. There's no reason for this to really exist - at least this particular interpretation. The only reason I give it 2 stars is because the story is still so interesting.

Michael W (au) wrote: Court is in session. Mostly desperate attempts at laughs and Pauly Shore is tolerable at best. High points are Defense Attorney claim that a smart animal could have committed the crimes and a great joke about tuna salad. When in doubt, an OJ trial joke is shamelessly utilized.

Alfie P (ag) wrote: Forced Vengeance 1982, classic early Norris here full of martial arts and roundhouse kicks, sadly also the last of his early martial arts action flicks. The silhouette fight scene gives the windshield kick from Good Guys Wear Black 1978 a run for its money, really liked this one.

Mike F (mx) wrote: The closest thing to Frankenstein porn out there. Which is mostly wrong. Poor Joseph Cotten.

Michael T (fr) wrote: Still pertinent & interesting even though it's sixty years old.

Brian S (es) wrote: Directed by Victor Halperin of "White Zombie" fame, this follow-up to his better-known film is even worse. It's hard to tell whether no effort was made to transition from scene to scene or if there is material missing from the version now available, but either way what we have is a disjointed flick that left me saying, "Next scene!" every time the screen faded to black. The acting tempts one to think that the cast themselves were the zombies!A team of archaeologists is in Cambodia during WWI. They captured a local priest who is the last man alive who knows the secret of making zombies, a labor force previously tapped to construct the temple complex at Angkor through the auspices of the three-eyed god Siva. As the French general proclaims loudly, however, "This secret could be a threat to the entire white race!" The priest ends up and and a nerdy archeologist instead rediscovers the secret, using it to get revenge against the woman who scorns him and the other members of the expedition when he gets fired. Before you know it (because it's not shown how it happens in the movie), the nerdy archeologist has assembled an army of Cambodian zombies and has everyone else under his control. He's about to conquer the world... but, well, this was made in the 1930's and, as we all know, love conquered all up to about 1939.The zombies here are just people who've been hypnotized. Nothing even vaguely scary ever happens, and there's never a zombie revolt. There's a reason that you've never heard of this flick! Watch it for the examples of early 20th century racism and sexism with which it is laced, but not so much for horror entertainment.

David S (au) wrote: Vergil Dunn: "This place... is tighter than a nun's asshole."

William R (us) wrote: A fine thematic action thriller that's fin to watch with De Niro and Travolta on screen trying to kill one another

Levi S (ag) wrote: Good combo of creepy and "jump-out-of-your-seat" scary.