The plot is set in Dobaniewo a small town, where local gangster Cigar intends to replace the drugs on behalf of the policy of the Apostle. Killed in mysterious circumstances, the son of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Skorumpowani torrent reviews

Noah Abraham G (jp) wrote: John Cusack is awesome, but this movie is not. I can hardly remember it, which is a bit of problem for any movie, let alone a comedy. There was a bit with condoms? I think?

Jarrett B (br) wrote: Whoa, who ever said that there isn't a bad movie out there, didn't see this one.

Andruw F (gb) wrote: Very similar opinion as the second one, except this one is longer. Actually, I'm not sure if this feels longer than the second or not, I think it feels the same. Not much else I can say, except Sean Astin's performance was outstanding all through the trilogy, and he made Sam probably my favorite character. I think he will be the most underrated, at least his performance. Not sure I can say anything else except, I didn't like the last two as much as the first, but they're still so well done and extremely great, especially when you realize they came out every year, that they are still something for other movies to reckon with. I don't know how anyone could think Star Wars, Star Trek, etc are BETTER than The Lord of the Rings. (Not sure if I need to say this, but I will. I'm talking about franchises, not trilogies, as well as franchises as a whole, not just a part (trilogy) of a franchise.)

MF J (au) wrote: Really well directed & beautifully shot, Banderas first feature as a director is promising. The story is a bit weird but whay not? Griffith is doing her best & nails every scenes. I loved the down south feeling of the film. Well done hope Banderas will direct more films in the future.

Bruce H (kr) wrote: Funny and well-acted. And Marisa Tomei can DANCE!

Kaylor M (au) wrote: Total guilty pleasure.

umair L (mx) wrote: hell is entertaining too check it out

Bill T (au) wrote: Some good and some bad in this one. Stand outs are David Allen Grier as no-soul guy, and I really did like the main attraction movie. Fails are the regular skit things, like the date-o-matic thing, the guy in the television, and the roast, So in other words, parody is funnier then sketch comedy in this incidence.

Joshua G (jp) wrote: Terrible, dumb, watered down horror, from the same director as horror-comedy Friday the 13th Part VI. But at least F13 was entertaining. TRhere are some good points, but overall, it's flat as a mat.

Jeremy L (mx) wrote: One of my favourite films as a child. What a caper!

Michael B (it) wrote: I have never seen this film and have mixed feelings about doing so, after some of what I've read about it. I read the book this movie was based on as a kid, and really enjoyed it.

Walter M (kr) wrote: Went the day well? Now that you mention it, Saturday, May 23, 1942, started off nicely enough in the hamlet of Bramley End with the preparations for a wedding being a particular highlight. Major Hammond(Basil Sydney) creates quite a stir when he and his men show up unannounced for military exercises but everything eventually works out as the vicar(C.V. France) agrees to house the soldiers in the village hall. Unbeknowst to everybody except for Oliver Wilsford(Leslie Banks) because frankly he is a traitorous rat bastard, the soldiers are really Nazis, ordered to secure the village and block communications for a planned invasion of England. However, the villagers start to get suspicious which calls for Plan B. "Went the Day Well?" might have originally been conceived as just another propaganda movie during World War II to urge the people of England to be ever vigilant and reminding them that no place is truly safe.(For the record, I put a slash through my 7's because my atrocious handwriting needs all the help it can get.) But the material is handled exceptionally well, turning this into an exciting thriller that thrives on the details of village life which makes the sense of loss that much greater in its depiction of ordinary people rising to new heights under extraordinary circumstances.

Earie D (mx) wrote: Terrible, this was the most stupid vampire movie I have ever seen.