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Skovridergaarden torrent reviews

Manny C (nl) wrote: The world cinema map is getting a new destination with the brilliant work of Oscar-nominated filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, the Nazareth-born director who scored a triumph with 2005's Paradise Now, a tense thriller chronicling the final hours of a pair of suicide bombers. His latest film got him his second Oscar nomination. That would be Omar--an intense, humane, Arabic-language film about life under occupation thats one part love story and one part twisty thriller. Adam Bakri is the charismatic and reserved Omar, a baker who frequently climbs over the Israeli security wall to see his girlfriend, Nadia (an excellent and beautiful Leem Lubany). When being routinely harassed by Israeli police, Omar and two of his friends shoot a random guard dead, not so much as a point of political conviction than as a way to feel some sort of power for once in their lives. Throughout the film, Abu-Assad doesn't try justifying the act, choosing instead to focus in on its after effects: the paranoia and broken trust among a group of friends who have known one another since childbirth. With the exception of Waleed F. Zuaiter, just marvelous as an Israeli agent, the cast is made up of non professionals who bring shocking realism and nuance to an all too tragic story. It's a gut punch, and a heartbreaker.

David M (kr) wrote: A very interesting look at the Russian legal system. The one thing I would say about the band is that they were guilty. Convicting them of a crime essentially against religion bothers me but they were trespassing and were guilty of disturbing the peace. Two years is very harsh but again, they knew what they were doing.

Khanh D (au) wrote: Pourquoi Black Mask 2? Parce qu'entre autres y joue une des plus grandes starlettes de X jamais vues, Traci Lords, tout un monde elle seule.

Seena F (mx) wrote: visually and musically exceptional. The rest aint too bad. An interesting take on a Western.

Joe S (us) wrote: A decent straight to video sequel a lot better than last two sequel s suspense was good in it it just didn't have enough gore and the movies main villain pinhead in this movie !!

Ravan A (es) wrote: good use of mise en scene for a few shots, but really weak in plot line

Christopher S (de) wrote: This kind of thing worked for Spielberg and Jaws. But in this case, not so much. The director tries to make it like Jaws only with a crocodile and a large one at that. Now crocs are in real life aggressive, so not a bad animal to chose as a "monster" for this type of movie. But what doesn't work is the tension. For me, it just wasn't there, nowhere in this was I on the edge of my seat hoping for survival. Seeing Betty White was cool, her character was weird, and she played weird well. In the end Lake Placid isn't horrible but it isn't the next Jaws. 3/5

Sherry (us) wrote: Great... they bite bad.........

marissa d (ca) wrote: great movie... love harry eden