Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane

Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane

The children of Saltkråkan Island take a public ferry to visit a relative only to find that she has went to hospital. When they try to row back home they lose the oars and must take refuge ...

The children of Saltkråkan Island take a public ferry to visit a relative only to find that she has went to hospital. When they try to row back home they lose the oars and must take refuge ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane torrent reviews

Gunter V (nl) wrote: Solid genre movie, tightly written, amazingly shot, with fight scenes that in 1949 must have been the height of realism (and still look pretty good).

Jose E (ru) wrote: Great martial art movie

Kristina K (gb) wrote: I loved the main character; a very likable geek who's obsessed with Monica. Kim was great too. Sweet movie overall, at times funny, but it's forgettable.

Private U (ru) wrote: Ugh, haven't I seen this already?

Ari S (us) wrote: I absolutely love this film. From start to finish it's sensational. Shia in his first dramatic role nailed it as young Dito Montiel. Shias emotion is powerful--vulnerable, sad and felt on screen. Another person of note is young Channing Tatum who's electric and the camera loves him as the tough, young and out of control teenager with no path. I highly recommend this film the cast is full of talent including Robert Downey Jr., Rosario Dawson, Chazz Palminteri playing Ditos father who is fantastic as a stuck in your way Never leaving Queens mentality. Lastly Diane west is great setting up the film for Dito to come home and is a big impact on how Dito is shaped growing up. It's a coming of age story with a punch that really packs. Mesmerizing and nostalgic to the time period Dito Montiel gives you his friends and family take em or ironically....leave them.

Amim A (it) wrote: Naam poocha Hai , Rista nahin ......... great dialogue delivery by vishal Mian geeli supari khaya karo , isse juban kabu mein rheti hai ......

Ed K (ag) wrote: Not very funny, not very cute, not extremely entertaining. Guess I just didn't get it.

Pedro S (de) wrote: Funny movie....when i was kid...not anymore

Carl H (fr) wrote: I am a big Ray Bradbury fan and Something Wicked This Way Comes is one of my favourite books .He is one of the most important American authors, also one of my personal favorites and this is his first feature length film written by him, based on his classic book of the same name. This is a beautifully done film, which lives up to the book. It has a dark gothic style, with real depth of character and emotion. Green Town and other settings are recreated superbly. This film is different experience from the book and just as good. Also one of the best things Disney has done.

Ross V (gb) wrote: There are some cute moments to this otherwise far too pared down to cram five stories in exercise in so-so horror. Leslie Nielsen turns in a fun performance against type, and E.G. Marshall is a hoot as Scrooge by way of Howard Hughes, but the rest of the film is about as interesting as a cold cup of coffee. Tom Savini's effects are the only other star in this tepid flim (a weak film). The only other interesting tidbit is a very young and very underused Ed Harris.

Michelle A (mx) wrote: It wasn't interesting enough for me at all. I think it's aimed at an audience who understands and appreciates art. It did make me want to learn a little bit more about this Johannes Vermeer's fella though.

Ryan J (ru) wrote: An awesome movie for the family to watch at Christmas

Stuart M (br) wrote: Not nearly as bad as I was expecting it managed to create a few cool/creepy scenes using an idea they stole from Doctor Who but taken in a more serious direction. It's worst failing is its utter predictability. Well before they're put in any danger you can identify who's dead and who might survive and even guess what order they'll go in.