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Grant K (it) wrote: Although it's ultra low budget requires patience, the tension rises from mild inconvenience to absolute terror. Goldthwait is a master storyteller and finds a new niche in found footage horror cinema.

Maxwell J (jp) wrote: Must see, before the 2008 is also stolen.

Raheel N (it) wrote: Awesome Start... Awesome END!!!

Janika Maria B (kr) wrote: just looks hilarious

Joey H (nl) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Martina J (fr) wrote: This is a brilliantly filmed movie in a very artistic/ theatrical way. A portrait of a genius mind, a tormented heroin junkie and a "street poet", who finds his "own voice" in jail and writes a controversial play about the life behind the bars. Incredible and fascinating!!!My absolute favorite!!!!!

Alex A (nl) wrote: There was no need for me to finish this in its entirety without realizing how god-awful it was within the first thirty minutes. Battlefield Earth is a joke of a movie, and calling it a movie is insulting in and of itself. The cinematography is ugly, the plot is flat, uninteresting and unengaging, the visuals are dated even when it was released, the performances are comedic, the production/clothing design is bland and the obnoxious soundtrack repetitively jumps from loud to soft tone. Battlefield Earth is truly one of the worst movies ever made.

Ryan B (de) wrote: Not his best film, but kind of good in a cheesey kind of way.

Michael L (gb) wrote: Middling action fare.

Andrew B (gb) wrote: If not for Andrew Divoff this film would be trash. Luckily the last Divoff Wishmaster movie let's him pay the character with the amount of sleaze ball fun a premise like an evil genie goes to jail deserves.

David L (gb) wrote: There's some part of my brain that completely disengages from these sort of films. It happened with Sunshine, and it's happened again with this. It's like as soon as a vehicle travels into space, all my ability to comprehend storyline just vanishes. Now if it proceeded to reveal a psychotic killer monster in space, then that might be a different story, but it didn't. I can't really attempt to summarise what the plot was. I think it involved a rescue mission to try and understand why their predecessors did not return. You'd have thought that if there was suspicion about it, then why would another vehicle go in after it, but nevertheless it did, and low and behold, the crew start getting sucked into some weird parallel universe. It's even more difficult trying to comprehend everything when I was drifting in and out of consciousness myself, but I found this quite boring and mentally numbing. I genuinely think to the right audience, this might have been a good watch, but there's too much science in this to call it entertainment. It's got a handful of familiar faces to its cast which perhaps led me to believe it could be worth giving a go, but clearly no matter how well this genre is acted, I'll struggle to get much out of it. I can't really take too many positives from this other than I'm pleased I've diversified my film choices of late, and am still prepared to watch movies that in all honesty i know I'm going to struggle with. I wouldn't not recommend it, as I appreciate this is a personal battle I'm having, but I'm afraid I'm not going to jump to the front of the queue if there are any more of these films on the horizon :)

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: the hot empty wastes of the american west inexorably bring trouble to mind and so herein a lonesome tale of love and death for one trailerpark couple that simply are minding their own business...with a pair of .45's, welcome to america. gil bellows (what ever happened to him?) and renee zellweger dance with the devil in a cousin coda to "natural born killers".

James M (ru) wrote: Follows the familiar route of early 90's thrillers featuring a flatmate, girlfriend, nanny and in this case, cop from hell. I enjoyed it mostly for Ray Liotta's OTT performance.

Rooster H (ag) wrote: Id like for everyone to see this movie!! Its a classic in its own time! Im actually going to buy the dvd when i find it!!!! one of Don Johnson, Judith Ivey and William Russes best Movies ever! No movie has captured the South like this one has!!

Ron H (it) wrote: Wow, no other recent reviews? This was just on IFC. This movie was adapted from a play and it's really obvious that not much was done to change the film. If they had just filmed the stage, there wouldn't have been much difference as far as content goes. This is all well and good with me, considering that the play just so happens to be fantastic. Even though this is a Matthew Modine Vietnam movie from the 80's, it has none of the sense of horror or demented nostalgia or brotherhood that movie like Full Metal Jacket had. These are just a few soldiers sitting around bored with nothing to do, but talk, think, and get as drunk as possible. Unlike MASH, there are almost no female characters and there is no comedy. It's like real life.The title Streamers refers to according to imdb, "parachutes that do not open." It's a perfect title for this film. What we are given is a relatively subtle and calm situation that very subtly and gradually gets out of hand. All of the characters attempt to reason with the invisible force that guides them to their horrifying fates, but it doesn't matter. In a way, the escalation of the situation can be seen as a parable on the entire war. Or just general human relations in close quarters. This was not the movie I was expecting, but it did provide a whole lot of things to think about once it had finished.

Scott M (br) wrote: A decent family drama with good performances from Paul Newman and Henry Fonda. It also has one of the most horrifying deaths on screen I've ever seen, especially given its emotional weight in the story. The plot is kind of pointless and not very well defined (something about a logging union strike), but the family dynamic between all of the main characters comes through just fine, making this worth watching.

Phil D (us) wrote: The One, The Only, Sonny Hooper !

Johann M (kr) wrote: These two are a funny combo. The film is pretty entertaining and a good throwback to 90's police-action movies.

Marah R (ag) wrote: With the acknowledgment of my utter hate for Miles Teller, this movie failed just as miserably as all his others save Whiplash. The story does have some interesting strings but its lame and unconventional ending resulted in its complete doom.