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While in an international fair of exhibition of airplanes, a French Mirage 2000 of the last generation vanishes and pilots Antoine "Walk'n" Marchelli and Sebastian "Fahrenheit" Vallois are ...

While in an international fair of exhibition of airplanes, a French Mirage 2000 of the last generation vanishes and pilots Antoine "Walk'n" Marchelli and Sebastian "Fahrenheit" Vallois are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Peter H (br) wrote: it made me think of the second Ghost Rider, couldn't wait to " laid it to rest"

Marlan M (jp) wrote: An interesting concept, and another look at dreams vs reality. My favorite thing about this film is that it doesn't try to make the fantasy real. Fantasy is fantasy; reality is reality. The main character struggles with feeling talentless and uncertain about everything in his life. His emotional state isn't ever stated specifically, but the way he treats his loved ones and the way he treats his life all spell out just how unhappy he is, and how little he knows about controlling his own life. Basically, I liked it.

Pablo G (nl) wrote: 4.1/5Midnight in Paris is undoubtly a very special experience like any Woody Allen film which suffers the irony of being not as amazing as it might just possibly due to the irony it proudly presents as its biggest selling point.

Manda 8 (mx) wrote: great movie. i love the fact that it was taken from a stage play. i also like the fact it was a real life story that shows lasting love.

John P (ca) wrote: I can't believe this exists, but I'm kinda glad it does...

Han C (es) wrote: Pretty good little thriller

bill s (fr) wrote: Even mindless entertainment takes umbridge with this crap.

Jacob T (nl) wrote: This is better then the 1st Superman movie. Superman III is better. Superman IV the quest for peace is better. Man of steel is better, Batman vs Superman dawn of the justice league is also better. Still this is a great film. See all the Superman movies.

James H (ca) wrote: Reasonably tense war drama, it's low budget but well done. Some of the cinematography is a little crude, but the acting is fine. The score is a bit much.

Viviana M (mx) wrote: A little bit rushed and lacking a certain element of suspence at times, certainly too short, but also filled with surprise. Starring a superb (!) Rupert Penry-Jones, who is really the attention catalyst of the movie. For those who like solid (costume drama) BBC productions.

Ryan R (fr) wrote: Even though this got pretty harsh reviews, I can't turn down a Will Ferrell movie about skating.

Chris S (jp) wrote: Didn't care about anyone even after 40 mins , lost interest

Brent H (it) wrote: Great movie. Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress. A horror movie with a twist.

Eugene B (jp) wrote: Stephen Chow's impressive comedy/kung-fu bonanza is terrific. Kung Fu Hustle displays the dynamic direction of Chow along with a laugh-out-loud combination of action and humor, further heightening the director's/actor's credibility. 4/5

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