Sky High

Sky High

Set in a world where superheroes are commonly known and accepted, young Will Stronghold, the son of the Commander and Jetstream, tries to find a balance between being a normal teenager and an extraordinary being.

The film revolves around Jeremy, the son of superman Commander Strongh and superwoman Jetstream. He studies in a shool which consists of almost all superkids. Everyone can use their special ability except Jeremy. Will his power appear when the rival of his parrents comes back ? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sky High torrent reviews

Jihan Y (it) wrote: Superb! Fantastic picture that relates to the most realistic events that is really happening not only in the Philippines but it is real through out the world. A crime Drama that describes what will happened if you have absolute power to the justice system.

Eric R (it) wrote: Neither terrible, nor memorable.

Alexandria P (fr) wrote: This movie caught my attention because of John Krasinski and Sam Mendes. Even though I had high hopes for it, I was still wonderfully surprised by this tale of the rocky road navigated by parents. I was skeptical about Maya Rudolph at first, but she did a wonderful job, and both Krasinski and Mendes delivered as well. Unlike many parent-to-be movies on the market nowadays, I was not apathetic towards Bert and Verona in the slightest (just their names--so telling). Let me end by saying this--it's rare to discover a film about love that is so truthful yet so hopeful.

Vic C (de) wrote: I got it thinking it was going to be great. I was really let down. I found it boring and not interesting. I fell asleep during the movie and I never do that. Not horrible though--just not really a movie I would recommend.

Mike B (br) wrote: A fine drama with a superb cast. Wilkinson is always superb.

Frances H (fr) wrote: Pleasant but rather standard romance plot and rather slow. The cast does very well, however, making this a nice watch for romantics.

cli o (jp) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Alex V (it) wrote: One of the most disturbing films I've ever seen. Love <3

Billy P (ca) wrote: Wonderful, pure gold.

Troy F (jp) wrote: If Blind Fury had your average action hero, the plot and everything would amount to a typical action flick. Drug dealing, kidnapping, yada yada. However, Blind Fury stars Rutger Hauer as a man who lost his vision in Vietnam and can fight blindly. I've seen blind heroines before, but a cool 80's blind action hero? I'm sold right off that bat. Like I said, this fact puts a twist on what would otherwise be a standard action film. It is really absurd and a lot of what Rutger Hauer can do seems totally farfetched and unlikely for a blind man, but you always wonder what he can and can't sense, and how he'll approach each situation. It's a total suspension of disbelief, but it's undeniably a blast to watch with some great action, and Rutger has a wit and heartful charm to him. The film is witty and uses Hauer's blindness as a common means for humor, which doesn't wear itself thin as much as you'd think, which is good. In the end, it's not a great film, but it's certainly something different.

Luca V (ru) wrote: The epitome of cheap, trashy film-making, yet still very entertaining. Acting and script isn't something you would expect to be of high-quality in an action movie like this one anyway. What you see and expect is exactly what you get.

Leslie P (es) wrote: It's a cute movie but not sure that a sequel was needed.

ben d (br) wrote: great plot and over all one of the best movies i have ever watched. This is a top ten for me.