A crazed Vietnam vet bomber hijacks a Boeing 707 in this disaster film filled with the usual early '70s stereotypes, and demands to be taken to Russia.

A crazed Vietnam vet bomber hijacks a Boeing 707 in this disaster film filled with the usual early '70s stereotypes, and demands to be taken to Russia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David F (it) wrote: Originally title Age of the Hobbit, but my downloaded copy is called Age of the Elves, this movie features neither hobbits nor elves, and it is not really about empires . It is set on the Indonesian island of Flores, where there is fossil evidence of a race of little people, nicknamed Hobbits, but was actually all shot in Cambodia with a mainly Cambodian cast. The plot is simple enough, and the effects are actually quite good for such a low budget movie. The acting, though, is awful, and the dubbing leaves a lot to be desired.

Leslie A (mx) wrote: Fascinating look at the life of George Takei.

Harry W (fr) wrote: While the plot is uncreative and the acting is horribly weak supported by an equally crappy script, at least it's shot in good quality and has some enjoyable action sequences

Chris C (ag) wrote: Wouldn't say its the best of Jet Li's movies but Hitman is a good primer to his Hong Kong years. However its American re-edit Contract Killer is a horrible piece of crap. Jet Li is dubbed by a guy who makes him sound like an imbecile. And the hip hop soundtrack is bad, now the Black Mask Re-edit was a good re-edit because it featured some scenes that the HK version didn't and I could tolerate the soundtrack. Contract killer has none of that the soundtrack is bad the dubbing is bad, scenes are removed and nothing is special about it, it doesn't even have any actual extra scenes compared to the HK version. Now, its not the absolutely shitty treatment that Once upon a time in China got, which went from 2hrs and 14 minutes to and 1hr and 40mins. That is alot of f**king editing, what do studios think you can't sit through a 2 hr kung fu flick.

Nina L (ru) wrote: Clich (C). D (C)j vu. Always the same movie. The corpse in the Hudson River, the gangster on the boat who has some secret information, the shade of the blinders on the face of the one who's in danger, and bla-bla. A weird thing about this movie: the main actors are almost never film shot on the same picture. They thought "I'll be in Bahamas, film shoot John/Al/Bridget and I'll come for my own scenes." Or they all hated each other? In a word, to see while you're exercising in front of tv.

Paul A (es) wrote: I watched this because I lived in Blackpool from 1995-2004 (aged 4-13) before I immigrated to the states, I liked it because it brought back some memories of Blackpool like the wagon wheel, and the north pier in its entirity before the helipad was blown off at the end, trams go past with signs saying 25p fare, it shows the outside of a Woolworths (which ended up going) now Blackpool has gone downhill a lot and the atmosphere isn't buzzing like in this movie. the storyline of this movie however didn't really interest me, and the Brahma on the beach scenes, and the major from keeping up appearences being himself kinda creeped me out. interesting to see dev from coronation street hasn't changed a bit since 1993 though, would of been great if it had a better storyline.

Jim G (ru) wrote: Great movie! Gotta love Chuck Norris!!

Citien P (ru) wrote: A war satire that Chase and Weaver can't save from failing.

Jen M (kr) wrote: Belushi does good in drama/comedy/romance. Ages 9+

Will B (mx) wrote: A visit to the hammer vaults and this the 2nd part of the Carmilla trilogy isnt to bad at all... the first being Vampire Lovers is far far better and even the great climax of twins of evil, but never the less plenty of that god old british hammer atmosphere and RED RED blood! Enjoyable but alittle.... rushed i think????

Michael L (ca) wrote: its the absent minded professor...but really really young! overall, i decent film about social values and the important of money. its very dated but hepburn is very convincing and nicely over the top.

Kurt B (au) wrote: What was Kingsley thinking?

Melissa B (nl) wrote: Looks pretty funny...I love Bradley Cooper!

Kelly S (kr) wrote: If you love Manga films and Horror films.....this is a must see.........

Eliabeth H (ru) wrote: Idk, I feel a little weird about the whole white savior thing.

Rosalind R (fr) wrote: A poor mans less entertaining "Dangerous Liasons"