Denmark's political scene is a public riot with ecologists and pro-nature activists demonstrating on the streets. The actual government legislature is far from keeping the promises of not ...

“Skytten” talks that the Russian government is conspiring with US on a plan to occupy oil fields in Greenland. Mia Moesgard knows this incidentally, he quickly clings the political scandal and the upcoming agreement between the US and Russia to expose the crime of his country';s diplomat - Nikolaj Lie Kaas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Skytten torrent reviews

Marko E (kr) wrote: Tearjerker to the point at which the viewer gets too concious about it.

Carlos R (it) wrote: When the film was focused on the girls, the movie was amazing, because they really acted well, and the light comedy is amazing, but then when the film is focused on their characters as adults, it wasn't so good, quite boring actually.

Jeff D (ag) wrote: This WWI musical is completely bizarre. I suggest giving it a watch.

John D (au) wrote: Or Triple Trouble. A serviceable plot, a few good tunes, some laughs. Not the worst Elvis outing and not the best either.

Jo Y (br) wrote: Mitchum is very good.

Tim O (mx) wrote: Quite possibly the best romantic comedy of all-time. Chaplin has a way of making us laugh while also pulling at our heart strings. The master Chaplin is at his best as the tramp. This is a timeless piece about how love transcends social class and wealth. Enjoy the journey and a spectacular ending.

Nathan G (it) wrote: Neeson has been typecast for a decade, but hey, if the shoe fits, wear it. Again, he plays a Taken-ish character role with the same vigilante growl as always. "A Walk Among the Tombstones" wasn't epic, but it was worth the watch.

Michael M (es) wrote: There's a couple goods scenes here involving gonzo violence, drugs, and nudity but it's not really as good as it leads you to believe. Jude Law's hairline is in trouble by the way. Good soundtrack though.

Martin J (it) wrote: pretty pointless film, didn't stimulate the mind really, ok if your into a bit of mindless thugery I suppose

Taylor M (de) wrote: Very sloppy, but it has its fun and a heart.