Two friends, who are experienced whale hunters, decide to settle down in Rekyavik at the end of the whaling season. During a night on the town, the duo lands in a heap of trouble after they...

Two friends, who are experienced whale hunters, decide to settle down in Rekyavik at the end of the whaling season. During a night on the town, the duo lands in a heap of trouble after they... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Skytturnar torrent reviews

Christy R (ca) wrote: dumb movie really dumb

Stephen C (br) wrote: Coming from it's roots and video game history, I was still quite surprised at the amount of blood in this film, which puts Akira and Ninja Scroll to shame. The story starts off as one thing, switches to another, then again. The end does not feel like a complete finish and leaves tons of questions unanswered and experiance lacking.

James W (de) wrote: My only negative criticism is the genre swapping featured in this movie, it comes off as an action picture one minute, the next a survival thriller, then a post apocalypse movie and suddenly a historical epic, it's as if director Neil Marshall is desperate to try and fit in every type of movie into one. Other than that one issue, Doomsday is magnificent! Gloriously bloodthirsty, totally action packed and frightening in many ways. From the opening scene there are some horrific images of viral outbreaks, injured people and massacre, it's clear from then that this movie isn't for people with weak stomachs. The camerawork is stunning, epic slow motion shots of destruction, fighting and breathtaking escape sequences, this movie excels in nearly all departments. The cast are brilliant, MyAnna Buring is a favourite of mine after watching her in The Descent, and especially Rhona Mitra who is badass and seriously slick as Eden Sinclair, the lead character. For such a small budget Doomsday looks like top class film, the scale is huge both in terms of landscape, destruction and cinematic scope. A must see movie, it does have it's cheesy moments but they are damn right enjoyable, guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and on the edge of your seat.

Tasos L (kr) wrote: A pretty decent western with great acting by Neeson and Brosnan.

IB B (ag) wrote: Not bad. Some interesting stuff.

F B (nl) wrote: An unexpected delight from start to finish, JCVD must battle his former Man-Machine army and a supercomputer aided by a hot headed reporter. They sure don't make them like this anymore. Don't miss it.

Aldo M (de) wrote: The best by Jim Jarmush that I have seen, after Dead Man. It seems that Jarmusch is at ease when he has to describe killing people.The mafiosi are quite ridiculous, they looks as they have been taken from some operetta. But the plot is strong, and the movie quite good.One thing is to noted, to my opinion: usually Jim Jarmusch tells the difficult, or impossibility, in communicating. In Stranger than Paradise, the Hungarian immigrant wants to be American, refuse to speak any language but American English, he tells "I am American just like you"; despite this, he can never communicate.Here an African American living like an old Japanese samurai is the best friend of another black man that can speak only French. They do not have a common language, but they communicate perfectly.

Spencer H (kr) wrote: Con Air is a classic action movie that contains the right amount of cheese and the right amount of action. Nicholas Cage rocks!

Nyree A (br) wrote: These movies are incredible! I'm still looking for one where the bad girl eats watermelon and spits the pips as a weapon - hilarious!!

Bill B (au) wrote: This is one of a handful of movies that a certain group of interweb friends have talked about at great length and made out to be simply ridiculous and wonderful at the same time, and I have to say that as far as zero budget 'so-bad-it's-good' fare goes, this one is close to the top of that list and is something I'd highly recommend checking out.Such a fun/awful film, and well worth tracking down.Rental?

Brian W (br) wrote: "Wanna come to the dunnies for a smoke?Classic!

jay n (es) wrote: Not a great movie but a pretty good one. The Duke is too old for his part, he was much better served by the following years Brannigan, but he gruffs his way through. The story is standard and not too difficult to figure out but if you are a fan of crime movies this is an acceptable time filler. Where it fails is in the wasting of three talented actresses Diana Muldaur, underused, Colleen Dewhurst, although she comes across the most strongly it is more the power of her personality and presence than anything she's given to work with in a throwaway part, and Julie Adams, she and Wayne have a good rapport in their one scene and you have a feeling there is more to their story but then she is gone from the film.

Sean C (de) wrote: Might be the most mediocre animated film of all time.

Alailson B (it) wrote: Ainda que extremamente desnecessrio, por ser quase uma xerox do infinitamente superior filme original, essa verso americana tem suas virtudes e um bom filme - ainda que seja sintomtico que todos os seus tropeos so nas opes diferentes s do longa original.