Slacker Uprising

Slacker Uprising

Slacker Uprising is a movie of Michael Moore's tour of colleges in swing states during the 2004 election, with a goal to encourage 18–29 year olds to vote, and the response it received. The film is a re-edited version of Captain Mike Across America, which played at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007. It is one of the first feature length films made by a known director to be released as a free and legal download online. The free download is only available to those residing in the United States and Canada. The film was also made available free for online viewing and download on the Lycos Cinema platform as well as iTunes and It had a one-night-only run at the Michigan Theater, where Michael Moore spoke briefly. The film is available in DVD format. Slacker Uprising features live performances or appearances by Eddie Vedder, Roseanne Barr, Joan Baez, Tom Morello, R.E.M., Steve Earle, and Viggo Mortensen. The original score is by Anti-Flag.

Footage from Michael Moore's 60-city tour of college campuses and other venues showcases what the filmmaker calls "the birth of a new political generation." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy A (br) wrote: The kind of important film you want to like more than you actually do. Ironically, given the central conceit of clay figurines standing in for absent photographs and footage, the vintage reels of Cambodia in the 1960s before Pol Pot are actually far more enlightening than the stuff about the communist takeover.

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intuciic (gb) wrote: VERY GOOD action thriller movie! nice mindbreaker :)

Ryan O (ag) wrote: May have been higher if I had seen it in high school. Gets better the more it is quoted.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Watching this film just makes me think thank Christ I was an unpopular teenager. Being in the in group could surely not be worth what these girls go through! A true to life Aussie classic that I first saw in my teens and many times since. Still relevant to teens today although I sure hope things have changed (doubt it). The new tv series based on this is also good, but this is the original and best.What girls will put up with to get a boyfriend!

Dean K (ca) wrote: Not a bad sequel to the original film, this time a crew of people go back to try and get the contents of the vault. Good cast and story line.

David B (br) wrote: One of the best british film ever made. but not for everyone this is a very deep, dark very raw film. very well acted by Ray Winstone and Mick Ford. story is very compelling yet strong. some people can get very offended by this film due to racism etc. but it help the film being what it is. This film showed guts how it should be made its fantastic film it has very nice touch of humor with Archer. but can be very hard film to watch again not for everyone.

Bill T (fr) wrote: With many favorite films from my youth, I feel they don't hold up that well (The Strongest Man In The World is a great example) but "Escape From Witch Mountain" still is a great movie. I love tony and tia, two kids struggling to find out where they came from and why they have the powers that they do. Ray Milland and Donald Pleasance play the bad guys who want the two for no good, and Eddie Albert plays, yes, the man in the camper. (They all get billed higher then the kids, who are the real stars of the show), some special effects are sort of sloppy, but you can get past that and enjoy the show.

Stephen C (us) wrote: Welles is one of my favourite directors ,mainly due to the fact he loved challeging cinema conventions and is this doc he flits around like a magpie giving us truth,lies and all kinds of trickery. The film focuses on Elmr De Hoy,His biographer Clifford Irving and Oja Kodar all skilled fakers in there own way ,and the fianl faker is of course Welles himself who faked a martian invasion on Radio and would later fake newsreels on Citizen Kane. Well;es is having a grand old time here and you will too as he gives us each indvidaul story ,From De Hoy copying the great masters of Art,to Irving faking or not faking a Howard Hughes biography to Kodar who may or may not have made off with 22 Picassos ,which no one has ever seen . although I may be lying about that part Its all wrapped up in a tidy bundle and full of editing and camera trickery to keep you guessing all the way to the end. A whole load of fun and clever to boot

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Stephen E (fr) wrote: One of the more influential film noirs to emerge from the 1950s, "Kansas City Confidential" is a competent enough crime thriller and sure-handed effort from director Phil Karlson. While it isn't involving and is especially lacking in several aspects that are crucial in keeping the viewer interested, it's at least worth watching for the impact that it has surely had on many modern crime thrillers.

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Eoghan C (ca) wrote: A complete rip off Battle Royale and The Running Man. It doesn't bring aything new to a concept already used a couple of times. The song choices are out of place and the moral is so stupid (the Austrian film Funny Games did it better) which involves advocating cansorship. It's probably the worst starring vehicle for WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mostly thanks to poor writing and lack of character deleopment. The characters are one dimensional. The female prisoners are nothing but rape magnets which makes the scenes out of place.Overall it's boring mean-spirited flick that doesn't offer any entertainment value.

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