Slap Shot

Slap Shot

Located in the US Rust Belt, Charlestown is home of the hapless Chiefs, a losing Federal League hockey team whose games are poorly attended. To make money, the team's unknown owner makes its manager, Joe McGrath, do cheesy publicity much to the players' chagrin. Rumors abound among the players that if the local mill closes, the team will fold. Just before the official announcement is made, the team's aging player/coach, Reggie Dunlop, does get wind that the mill is indeed closing and that this season will be the team's last. Beyond efforts to reconcile with his wife Francine, who loves Reggie but doesn't love his career, Reggie begins to focus on how to renew interest in the team for a possible sale as he knows if the team folds, his hockey career is over. Without telling anyone of his plan, he begins a rumor that the owner is negotiating a sale with a city in Florida.

The movie depicts a pathetic minor-league American hockey team that resorts to use constant fighting and violence during games to gain popularity in a declining factory town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marischa B (de) wrote: This will appeal to those that like the genre,which i do if made well,and this is made well.Am not sure why it scored so low but can only assume reviewers either were not of UK or were expecting such high things from it that they felt disappointed when did not reach those expectations?For myself i found it professionally made,interesting to watch and very enjoyable, but then i am from UK and like i may not associate with low life's from other countries i could see the realism of the characters since they are based in UK and i have seen the types being portrayed on a daily basis and can vouch for their realism and appreciate the film more because of that i suppose.Is not an all action film sidelined with a love interest like Bourne trilogy,but then neither is it boring-its gritty,believable,and well made,and i recommend watching it.

J L (gb) wrote: The performance make this movie worth watching but I'd rather watch a Time to kill! which has simalr subject matter but was a better story 2 me.

Daniel D (nl) wrote: Entertaining movie. The first one is much better, but this one's still enjoyable.

Alexis H (gb) wrote: it was a very good movie

Brian B (fr) wrote: Well imagined, clumsily realized.

Louis K (ca) wrote: Good movie for male teenagers.

Caitlin F (ru) wrote: The embodiment of the 'so bad it's good' theory.