Slap Shot 3: The Junior League

Slap Shot 3: The Junior League

Get ready for a rough-and-tumble comedy that knows how to kick some serious puck!

The Hanson Brothers are back, and who better to whip a ragtag youth team into shape for the upcoming championships than the most unpredictable trio ever to strap on skates? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Slap Shot 3: The Junior League torrent reviews

Benjamin G (es) wrote: This was...just...horrible. I know it was made in the 80's but come on.the "mandroid" (how lame of a term is that) had just an awe full suit. Looked like some little kid attached a bunch of cardboard boxes HA HA. Really they could have done better.The dialog was campy and cheesy (predictable) at best.Well I watched it cause it was on tv and was doing some stuff on the computer so it wasn't all that bad. Better than watching Maury. LOL

Ai A (de) wrote: I made an account just to say how bad this movie is. Horrible. I have never given a movie 0 stars but there is a first for everything.

Katie W (au) wrote: Better than average in the way things play out.An ok film, but with little reason for what goes on in the first place.

William M (es) wrote: now why in the hell would I wanna see this

Shauna C (nl) wrote: Good, low-budget documentary about marriage, family, secrets, and fidelity. Still thinking about it..

Cillian Murphy loving Z (br) wrote: The narrative at the beginning was so irritating. The acting was very impressive(-Emile Hirsch) and it was surprisingly non-American bullshit. Sigourney Weaver, an actress who usually drives me nuts, was very good

Greg W (kr) wrote: good stuff i know i wrote something on this but now its gone:(

Charlie 7 (ca) wrote: Extremely disappointing sequel that is just so forgettable and doesn't even come close to the genius of the first 2 films.

Noah S (mx) wrote: There's a true magic in this film, especially if you want a fun time with heartfelt moments with memorable and entertaining performances, and a score done by John freaking Williams. Truly a classic in my eyes, no matter what anyone says.

Jenna I (it) wrote: Haha I like Ebert's review: "Here's a movie that is even stranger than it was intended to be." I had no emotional connection to anybody in this.. Lawrence seemed like he should have been the main character as he was way more interesting than Celliers... nevermind Celliers hokey-ass flashbacks and weird homoerotic overtones. Overall a movie that could have been great but was just poorly executed.

Andr D (us) wrote: Basada en la novela de Carson McCullers, "Reflections In A Golden Eye" es un trabajo que no logra salir avante, pese a tener un gran director como lo es John Huston y dos monstruos de la actuacin, como lo son Marlon Brando y Elizabetrh Taylor. El pesado simbolismo, la sobreactuacin de Brando y los personajes que parecen bosquejos de personas, hacen de este relato acerca de un mayor del ejrcito tratando de sobrellevar su reprimida homosexualidad, un trabajo noble pero fallido.

Ivan M (ag) wrote: Una buena pelicula si te gusta el americano, las tomas que tienen durante el juego son de las mejores que he visto en una pelicula, te hacen sentir como es el futbol americano profesional en verdad, no tiene una gran historia pero muy palomera para un buen domingo de peliculas.

Dan M (es) wrote: Great cast, super boring movie. This is based on a true story, and I can't imagine why anyone remembered this story. It could've been a better movie, but it needed to be edited much tighter, and maybe a rewrite? But I'm not convinced there was even a story strong enough to support a movie.