Slap the Monster on Page One

Slap the Monster on Page One

1972, Milano. We are just a few days before the general elections. The daughter of a well-known professor is found dead. Mr Bizanti editor in chief of newspaper "Il Giornale", in agreement with its owner Mr. Montelli, decides to charge of following the story the junior Roveda and the senior Lauri. At one point, some elements indicates senator Boni as a possible murderer. All the "old guard" within "Il Giornale" drives articles in order to underline responsibilities of senator Boni. But young Roveda doesn't surrender and continues to search for the truth. (IMDb)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   rape,   murder,  

1972, Milano. We are just a few days before the general elections. The daughter of a well-known professor is found dead. Mr Bizanti editor in chief of newspaper "Il Giornale", in agreement ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurie T (br) wrote: Predictable but watchable. Alejandro, played by Mexican galn Jaime Camil, is turned down for a visa by a pretty diplomat and they are thrown together in various ways. Camil has a beautiful voice, which adds to the appeal of the mariachi scenes. He also is raising a daughter alone, like the comic hero of "Sin devoluciones". Not a great film, but an enjoyable comedy that doesn't tax the mind too much. Good supporting actors, though both Alejandro's sidekick and Rachel's mother overact a bit.

Pavan R (br) wrote: Well captured journey of the escape and the gruelling long trek through harsh terrain. Good performances

Petros C (gb) wrote: beautiful and sweet movie...

Monjit B (ag) wrote: Good movie but the ending cud have been better!!!

Gareth R (kr) wrote: Written and directed by Scott Coffey and starring Naomi Watts in the title role, Ellie Parker is an intimate insight into the world of a struggling Hollywood actress who's own fragmented sense of identity and failing ability to achieve balance in her real life relationships causes all manner of turmoil. Shot entirely on digital video -much of it handheld, Coffey's film wobbles, loses focus and has the look of something anyone with a basic understanding of shot sequencing could cut together. What makes the film special is Naomi Watts. After having won acclaim for her startling portrayal of 'Betty' in David Lynch's Mullholland Drive, Watts once again shows her calibre as an actress with a gutsy and committed display of raw talent. In many ways, Ellie Parker works as a perfect companion piece to Mulholland Drive as we follow Watts through awkward auditions and witness her neurotic behaviour giving way to mini emotional implosions. Watts demonstrates great courage and faith in those around her by flinging herself head first into the surreal drama while never over emphasising or losing her way with the character. The entire film is about her performance and despite things getting occasionally bogged down, Watts' 'on the edge' display is never far from compelling throughout. While it might wander around aimlessly, Ellie Parker is held aloft by Naomi Watts' distinguished performance and for that reason alone deserves to be seen.

Ray N (es) wrote: A lot of good ideas in this movie. These 2 showed a love for the old school of folim storytelling as well as a love for the contemporary. Unusual mix, but it works.

Jeremy S (jp) wrote: This was my favorite of the Missing in actions movies.

Tasos L (it) wrote: 80s man..pure fuckin' 80s..

Codie E (de) wrote: Most people will be aware of this film because of it's scene of male nude wrestling and unsuprisingly the most famous scene is a great analogy of the film itself; sexuality, gender, friendship, love, brotherhood, companionship, stature, brutality, physical and psychological power, animal attraction, philosophical intrigue. All of which are dealt with both in the film and are manifest in this one scene alone. One of my only criticisms for the film on the whole is that the relationships are not given equal weight. The pairings of Bates and Reed, and Reed and Jackson far out weigh the ones between Bates and Linden, and Bates and Bron to the point that their scenes begin to irritate.

Giridhar C (ca) wrote: it is sincere in depiction of the dilemma in which josef kroner is caught.doesn't ever go overboard. ida kaminska is wonderful.

Sam M (fr) wrote: Nothing to rack home about.

Mark G (es) wrote: This is a great film!!! I used to see it on TV all the time as a kid. The best stories are the ones with Lance Henriksen and Emilio Estevez.