Slapstick (Of Another Kind)

Slapstick (Of Another Kind)

A rich, beautiful couple give birth to deformed alien twins who, when their heads are together, are the smartest kids on the planet.

A rich, beautiful couple give birth to deformed alien twins who, when their heads are together, are the smartest kids on the planet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Slapstick (Of Another Kind) torrent reviews

Charles S (fr) wrote: I coulda swore they were going to go for the chinese ending... WHEW. But, how do they make him look young again... I mean seriously

Zahid C (ag) wrote: Day: WednesdayDate: 13 Jan 2016Time: 10.00 pmWith: Maa, AzeemOn: HDTV

carole c (ag) wrote: Saw it a long time ago and mostly remember that the women were really an example of liberated women in the sense that they took on a male dominated sport and made us proud of them. They were artists and athletes in something extreme and helped the little girls who had aspirations of achievement maybe. I just like real women portrayed as they were in this film. It's the end of an era and the beginning of a new age and these women deserved respect and admiration. IMHO Now we have awesome roller girls all over the USA. Go Girls!

Debbie M (it) wrote: Definitely a much better movie than I initially thought.

Jonne P (jp) wrote: Do I need to say more?

Juan S (ca) wrote: Esto esta muy sobrevalorado

Mark W (ca) wrote: This, the third instalment, of the Hammer Dracula franchise surpasses its predecessor quite easily, probably because of Christopher Lee's return alone, but also the story! This film brought back some of the intrigue the first inspired and as a whole stands as a pretty decent watch! The downside to the film is that it does take a little while to get going!

Rick M (ru) wrote: Another Rodger's & Hammerstein masterpiece. Shirley Jones stars as innocent Julie who falls in love with bad boy Billy. Billy dies and goes to heaven but is summoned back to earth when he hears that his daughter Louise is going down the wrong path. Carousel is filled with some of most beautiful music written.

Andy G (us) wrote: I forgot just how good this movie was. It has a very original story, and really well done production design. This movie also has one of the most impressive single take shots I've ever seen. Overall this movie is really well made, and I'm glad I decided to watch it again. Personal Grade: S+Technical Score: 87%

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (gb) wrote: A real good and exiting mocie, and this is prob the sadest one I ever seen, defenitly worth seeing...

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