Slattery's Hurricane

Slattery's Hurricane

A pilot wants a life of ease, flying for drug smugglers and looking the other way until his conscience is tweaked by a woman he has misused. The story unfolds in flashbacks as the pilot ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Jay B (ag) wrote: Interesting documentary that covers the importance of the Film Registry. These peeps are a bit full of themselves, but the filmmaker interviews are informative.

Uwe J A (nl) wrote: I have seen worse movies by far in that genre. It was no masterpiece but not a waste of time either. I'd call it an ok-movie. :-)It has entertaining moments. If you dont know what to watch, this is not a bad choice.

Gabby C (gb) wrote: Awkward. Terrible. Boring. Summed up as simply horrendous.

Denise P (jp) wrote: Although generally credited as being superior to the original, Shrek 2 doesn't quite come close for childhood fans of the breathtaking adventure, emotional depth and important underlying message offered by the 2001 animation masterpiece.

MF J (au) wrote: One of the greatest films made in the new millennium, Amores Perros is brilliant from start to finish. The story first of all is told in a very unusual way, with three stories crossing each-others, creating a very special narration form breaking from the usual way of telling a story in a straight forward fashion. Since it's a Mexican film, it's filled with great actors, great life stories and a feeling of realism beyond words. What a film!

Mark F (us) wrote: I know it's sacrilegious to say anything against Nick Park films and I'm meant to be marvelling at the craft, charm and attention to detail but this didn't really engage me. A bit like Wallace and Gromit, it's an inoffensive way to pass a holiday afternoon but I just can't quite see where the rave reviews are coming from.

Stuart M (es) wrote: An alright Jaws knockoff that doesn't really deliver any major laughs or scares. The only interesting character is Brendan Gleeson's sheriff who is permanently put upon by all characters but doesn't have the wit to respond.

William E (ru) wrote: Greatest Movie Ever not on DVD

Melissa M (gb) wrote: This movie makes me want to yell "yo bits I bought you dem titties and I'ze gonna takem' back. You cook my dinner, you clean my dishes!" Pimp stylz. I watch it for sheer laughing pleasure. The wardrobe, the language, the sets, they'ze all fly.

Tony D (nl) wrote: Why bother engaging a beautiful actress like Nicole Kidman just to make look ugly?

Alexander G (nl) wrote: Another entry in the creepy doll category alongside Annabelle. Adding to the formulaic creepy doll storyline is the concept of a Gremlins style list that has to be obeyed. With that idea it could of been something new into this type of movie, however they chose to change up the movie and go a different route which I'm not convinced was for the good. With Lauren Cohan in the lead and an idea that seems abandoned for another it doesn't come off scary or unsettling as other movies like this have had success in doing.

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