Slaughter Night

Slaughter Night

Eighteen-year-old Kristel survived a car accident in which her father dies. Tormented by nocturnal visions she begins to care for her father's investigation of serial killers - especially Andries Martíns, a killer of children.

After her father gets killed in an automobile accident, Kristel Lodema discovers that her dad was investigating an old mine where convicted child killer Andries Martiens died back in 1857. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Annette M (it) wrote: Excellent movie chronicling the 50+ years history of the Joffrey Ballet Company. I enjoyed the perspective. I also enjoyed the look inside the ballet world

CJ C (it) wrote: A wanna-be TROMA, crude & lewd. Funny if youre a 10 y/o boy.

Julie H (ag) wrote: One of the worst Christmas films I have ever seen!

Charleon W (ca) wrote: Fat Albert is a really good movie

Tom B (au) wrote: Charming and interesting Brazilian prison drama This Brazilian prison drama has its charms if you can stick with it. The film is serious in subject yet lighter than expected, with a dry black humour lying through it. It tells the tale of several prisoners, how they ended up there, and focuses in on a doctor who treats and talks to them. The film is based on a true story, the 7000 prisoner strong largest prison in Brazil. The over populated prison is like a crime world in itself, run by the criminals. This film tells the story four main characters. The prison is later stormed by 300 policemen who kill 111 inmates, in 1992.This 2002 film captures the 90's extremely well, is character rich, individual and interesting enough. It won a 2003 award at Cannes and should be regarded as one of the better World Cinema titles for a European Audience. There are a handful of good Brazilian Movies, and I would add this one too. The DVD features are a director commentary, deleted scenes, making of and some historical footage.'The devil only tempts those close to god'

Henrik S (au) wrote: I have to say, I do like my political thrillers like the next person, but human interest and direct emotional connection must always be the primary concern of a movie, i my opinion. This one is just a mess and a confused and entangled heap of intrigue and chess, with no room for the characters to breath and spread the human energy. A stale and dry offering which never clicks, despite the good cast.

Drew H (br) wrote: Lame serial killer story.

Jamie B (it) wrote: Lesson learned: don't do drugs.

Matthew L (au) wrote: A superb piece of cinematic excellence. Richard Attenborough's first film as director shows the awfulness of war whilst placing it within a surreal comedic musical which almost forces the audience to laugh or else they would cry.If ever a piece of film was made to show the futility of war, this was it.Stunning!

Greg W (fr) wrote: gr8 cast lottsa cameos

Jeremy A (es) wrote: La Ronde panders embarrassingly to a french upperclass. frankly, it's insulting and overstuffed. especially when compared to the sleek films he made in hollywood (caught, letter from an unknown woman, the reckless moment). going from Caught to the La Ronde, it would seem ophuls learned nothing.

Diane B (us) wrote: I am a sucker for Preston Sturges! He turns mooshy into something you can really chew on. I love the rooftop scene at the start, which makes me miss authentic Banter with a capital "B."

Ulla M (us) wrote: this filme got to me quite strongly. I was involved in the solidarity work for El Salvador in the 80's and ...