Slaughter Studios

Slaughter Studios

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Slaughter Studios torrent reviews

Maymay A (ca) wrote: It has a pretty nice life lesson but I don't think it's any more than a mediocre children's movie.

Tapan P (nl) wrote: Some good songs, thought it was one of the better Hindi films, plus Sharukh Khan is a great actor, 2nd only to the great Amitabh Batchan!!

Julie Z (nl) wrote: Peace, kindness and "sharing" what Christmas is all about and should be extended in "all" times. Remarkable film about camaraderie between young wise leaders and their was a "moment" that history will never forget...I know I won't...

Walter M (kr) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"In July" starts out with Daniel(Moritz Bleibtreu) having a good deal of trouble getting a ride out of a man in the middle of nowhere.(The driver has a body in his trunk by the way.) Once he has secured the ride, Daniel relates how he got to this point:[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Daniel is a straight and narrow teacher in Hamburg(so much so that he teaches a regular lesson right before summer vacation begins). A free spirit, July(Christiane Paul), has a crush on him and sells him a ring with the sun on it and convinces him that his true love is tied to the sun. She informs him of a block party that is happening that night. Daniel does not run into July at the party, but instead Melek(Idel Uner), an attractive young woman originally from Turkey. Daniel and Melek spend a chaste night together before Melek has to return to Turkey. Before she does, she mentions where she will be in Istanbul several days hence. July, given up all hope, seeks a fresh start anywhere else. By chance, she is picked up by Daniel on his way to Istanbul to hopefully meet up with Melek. [/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Got that?[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"In July" is a movie about how people affect each other and can change their direction in life. The movie is familiar and based on a good deal of coincedence but is very charmingly done with likeable leads. [/font]

monsieur r (ca) wrote: Crazy Bill Hickock (Jeff Bridges) shoots more people in this film than any Western needs. He is made to look invincible. Narrated by legend actor John Hurt (Elephant Man), the movie briefly shows the life long exploits in several wild west towns through the years as a marshall, preferring to shoot two pistols at the same time and not bothering to ask questions later. Made to appear bigger than life, he is made to be one real bad ass, head case. Obviously Wild Bill is a great title as it portrays James Bill Hickock as some sort of wild animal, getting in more fights per minute of film than most Westerns. He is losing his sight too as he drinks, gambles and shoots a man (Bruce Dern) in his wheelchair. The legend of Hickock however has seldom been explored in any real depth for us, so we are asked in this to believe he was a longhair, mangy, crude and as some sort of vicious, killer tough guy. Jeff Bridges hasn't much of a script. He shoots, blasts, kicks and punches his way through much of the film. Eventually the film settles down when he reaches the town of Deadwood, a lawless, chaotic boomtown where he is nominated sherrif. He meets Calamity Jane, a similarly wild woman herself. He experiments with Chinese opium and has dreams shown in black and white. I am going to pronounce this mid-nineties film as a fast paced, well directed and filmed movie. However, it relies on a lot of killing and desperate characters almost every scene. A youngster keeps annoying and threatening him for some bad treatment of his mother. Essentially, the film is a flashback until Hickock arrives in Deadwood, some sort of hell on earth boom town with mud and rain. We know we are watching something pretty good here, but the emphasis is on non-stop violence for its action. As a matter of fact, this one is virtually all action in the form of shoot outs and a very grumpy, mean Wild Bill. The legend of Wild Bill Hickock is in no danger of being debunked by this film. He is made to appear as some sort of RoboCop. Cast Jeff Bridges as Wild Bill Hickcock David Arquette Ellen Barkin Christina Applegate Bruce Dern (killed early in a shootout with Wild Bill) Keith Carradine John Hurt (of Elephant Man fame) James Gammon Marjoe Gortner Diane Lane James Remar Crew Cinematographer: Lloyd Ahern Co-Producer : Gary Daigler Editor: Freeman Davies Composer: Van Dyke Parks Director: Walter Hill Screenplay: Walter Hill Costume Designer: Dan Moore Production Designer: Joseph Nemac III Producer: Lili Fini Zanuck Producer: Richard D. Zanuck

Jennifer L (ca) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's over the top, awkward and creepy in all of the wrong ways. I'm giving it an extra half star because the filming was pretty.

Rex S (fr) wrote: 1/2/2010 - I wanted to start the year off with a movies I had never seen before, so I started digging through my shit and this is the first one I found. I can't believe I started the year with this.........jesus fucking christ. I should just give up now. Fuck.

Gordon B (ru) wrote: Rather than just giving us guts & gore this 80s horror film focuses in on the emotion of grief. It's that constantly looming tone of death that makes up for the movie's sillier parts

Nikki F (mx) wrote: great movie... the best part being the poison ivy song

Jennifer G (it) wrote: I stole the baaaaabbbyyy!!

Brandon S (ag) wrote: This is a neat little genre bending movie that combines time travel, romance, philosophy, and slasher suspense. In the film, H.G. Wells (real life author of "The Time Machine") is a London gentleman who invents a time machine. Oh, and it so happens he is friends with Jack the Ripper, though he doesnt know his pal is a killer.To escape from the police the Ripper steals the time machine. Because of some technical detail, a plot device for the movie, the time machine returns by itself to Wells basement a few moments after it was stolen. Wells feels obligated to pursue his friend and bring him to justice. So he leaves 1893 London and travels to 1979 San Francisco.In San Francisco both Wells and the Ripper seek to exchange their English money for American money, and in doing so both come in contact with a banker named Amy. Amy immediately starts putting the moves on bashful Wells, and soon a romance begins.The film is slow at times but not too bad. It has fun with Wells exploring the realities of the late 20th century. In one scene he learns how to use an electric toothbrush through experimentation. Much of the movie seems intended to draw the viewer's mind to the argument between Wells and the Ripper about human nature and the future of humanity, though there are only two scenes where the men briefly discuss those topics. There is a little blood in the movie but only two murders are shown, and in both cases we dont see much. The slasher aspect is more atmospheric than gory.

Matt N (es) wrote: i always wanted to see a cirque du soleil show - maybe it is better in real life - quite amazing, but at the same slow and boring story.

Maricela A (gb) wrote: I saw the trailers to this movie, looks like a cool chick flick

bill s (it) wrote: As fun as chickens running around with their heads cut off .