An elite commando squad led by longtime soldier buddies Hawk and Grives run afoul of lethal and powerful vampires in a South American rain forest. Grieves gets turned into a vampire and becomes leader of a savage roving herd. Moreover, Hawk has to rescue his scientist ex-wife Dr. Laurie Williams from the bloodsuckers' evil clutches.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:vampire,   blood,   sun,  

An elite commando squad led by longtime soldier buddies Hawk and Grives run afoul of lethal and powerful vampires in a South American rain forest. Grieves gets turned into a vampire and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Slayer torrent reviews

Amanda H (es) wrote: What's terrible about this movie is that it doesn't even START to get good until the last 20 minutes or so... and then once it gets really interesting, it ends. Too bad, because there's great potential in that last few minutes. Unfortunately everything leading up to it is almost torturous to watch because nothing of any interest happens.

Shelby C (fr) wrote: slow paced low budget zombie like thriller

Richard F (es) wrote: Surprised by negative reviews as it was a good film all round.

NaWie M (kr) wrote: What can I say about this Terrible Movie that hasn't already been said? I dont know what made watch it?

David S (de) wrote: I don't want to rate a movie made by some Liberal who extorts the truth an show how sad it is that we lost people that day. It shouldn't be shown it should be remembered not made a Money Project out of it Sorry America

Brian M (kr) wrote: This 42 year old loves this movie... So many of the great Hughes films spoofed.Love love love it.

Iggy A (br) wrote: Good enough Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn basic comedy. The two worked well together on the screen doing this basic thing - like they did with Swingers. It surely didn't deserve an Academy Award, but I liked watching it...

Chanel M (it) wrote: This film shook me to the core. It was so inspiring and beautifully done. To me it was close to perfect. The acting was amazing and the music score and cinematography was just wonderful. The take-home message for me was: If you fight your heart out for a small victory, it will resonate to create larger victories than you could ever dream of. A film you do not want to miss

Christopher H (us) wrote: Sean Connery is brilliant as always. Dustin Hoffman is brilliant as always. Matthew Broderick is brilliant. But I think that they could have done something better with the story.

Jason B (ag) wrote: I loved this movie - if only for the guy living in the tank.

Charles S (fr) wrote: passable assassin flick. .. It's just fun for me see Dolph in action

Justin A (jp) wrote: I didn't care for this movie at all upon its release back in the 90s, but watching it again recently was fun.This movie has aged a bit better since it's kind of nostalgic now. Yeah, it has that terrible 90s look and feel to it, where most early to mid 90s sci-fi/action movies look cheap, but there's something about the movie that is a lot of fun. The performances are a lot of fun, and this was one of those few times where Malcolm McDowell hamming it up was appropriate. Lori Petty really breathes life into the character and is the main reason this movie is worth checking out.I couldn't recommend this to everyone, and the movie really is silly, but I think it has kind of grown as a cult movie worth checking out for certain fans of these kinds of movies.

Kurt C (ca) wrote: Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! I was incredibly impressed with how the film was written and directed. The story was perfectly unfolded and in a manner that was spot on effective. I loved the tribute that was paid and the testimonies born of those affected that horrific day in 1986. Well done!!!

Andrs C (jp) wrote: A sweetly cute movie-and a wondrous autumnal classic. A well-deserved four stars.